Gun сontrol and Sharia Law

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Sharia law pertaining to the modern world (in respect to current events and Saudi Arabia)

Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam, the Quran, Muhammad, and also the Sharia laws. As a result, the most stringent application of Sharia law can be witnessed in Saudi Arabia. The religious police, “muttawa,” enforce the Sharia law in regard to common people. Moreover, even though the foreigners are spared from such religious laws in other nations, Saudi Arabia never spares the overseas visitors as well. There are many things which are still banned in Saudi Arabia. For example, public movie theatres are not present in the country. Other things such as bacon, music schools, and gyms for women are not allowed in the country. It shows the restrictions that the country mostly exhibits for its female citizens. Unfortunately, the religious laws of Saudi Arabia are also considered to be their national laws. Recently, a revolutionary step has been taken by the Saudi government. Previously, women were not allowed to drive any vehicle within the kingdom, revealing male-dominated society’s conservativeness. However, they were allowed to drive within the compounds of their house or in deserts. It is quite disreputable in nature, and that is why the nation took a step to improve women’s status in society (The Guardian). In fact, providing them the freedom to drive can not only empower them but also enhance their self-confidence. For example, in a case of medical emergency a woman may need to take her near and dear ones in the nearby hospital or healthcare center. It is possible to do so only if they can drive in the middle of nights, especially when other transportation system’s availability is less. On the other hand, if a family possesses a car but has inadequate male members then despite of the emergence and the presence of resources they may feel helpless, due to imposition of such a law.

Gun control laws (shooting that took place in Las Vegas)

In reality, there is a lack of proper gun control laws and regulations in America. The democrats called for a much tighter laws on the use of guns after the shooting in Las Vegas. For example, Nevada’s state law proclaims that the residents do not require a purchase permit, license, or registration for shotguns and rifles. Furthermore, the waiting time is also not required for purchasing firearms. As a result, it has been proposed that few regulations must be imposed for common people’s safety. For example, gun violence law for is necessary for protection. Alternatively, the imposition of the phases where people have to wait before purchasing the rifles must be implemented in the policy as well. Lastly, the allowances for purchasing the guns should be passed by none other than the local governments.  Moreover, according to public opinions, it is also required to check the backgrounds of people applying for a gun or riffle. It can help determine whether the person wishing to purchase a gun is mentally fit to buy or not (CNBC LLC). The prevailing liberty pertaining to the gun laws of Nevada was mainly for political reasons. For instance, the political leaders ensured their vote banks by providing such a liberal system. The same has also proved to be taxing for the public as it risked their safeties in various public places. Hence, the gun control laws are extremely crucial for ascertaining an adequate amount of safety to the residents of a nation.

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