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Subject: Health Care
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Topics: Health Insurance, Government, Medicine, Public Policy

My personal preference health care system that would best fit or recommend its implementation in the United States would be the National Health Service which is largely used in the United Kingdom. In the United States, is a lot of disparities on the side or between the poor and the rich, and the health care expenses have been very expensive for the common person with little income, who are also the majority of the citizens. The medication for certain medical procedure are very expensive, doctor consultation and the right to choose hospital is almost unaffordable to most people, (Shi, & Singh, 2015). As such, the National Health Service would be appropriate to solve this menace. 

The National Health Service was established in the post-World War Two due to the war crimes that most citizens had suffered and as such, the soldiers were being treated for free, and the citizenry who got hurt, were also taken care off by the government since it was not upon them for the injuries they got. With that regard, the government took care of their medical expenses, and the Labor Party took it as a policy to provide free medical treatments to the citizens. 

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The National Health Service is established such that the delivery of children by the expectant mothers is free, the specialist doctors would be consulted for free, the doctors` training under the NHS cover is free, and drugs for the prescriptions by the doctors are also free for the citizens. The citizens or members of the public were free to visit the hospitals of their choices. The doctors under the scheme are paid the wages corresponding to the work they do and all the NHS expenses are paid by the government through the taxpayers who are also the citizens, (Abel-Smith, & Titmuss, 2016). This system is good for the United States which has a rich history with the veterans, who do not have proper medical cover and surfer even seeing specialists or attending to hospitals of their choices. The health care systems should be affordable to everybody since the right to good health is on everybody since nobody would choose to be sick, and no single person would not be willing to have better health care. Another good point about the National Health Service is that the rich who own the private clinics and the insurance companies do not dictate to the majority about health care they would seek or have, (Abel-Smith, & Titmuss, 2016). As such both the poor and the rich have guarantee of medication. 

The NHS is completely socialized and paid by the public taxation meaning that the government has total control of it. However, it is important to mention that some treatments are paid for under the NHS system though regulated by the scheme unlike the current practice under the Obama care act which is very expensive and unaffordable to most people. The Obamacare does not give people more options, more so the poor people majority in the middle class too, the option for better medication that is affordable to them. It is vital to mention that though the National Health Service is better, and I would prefer, some challenges are visible like the doctors threatening to leave the NHS and the debates on the general taxation which is now becoming more expensive. These challenges can be legislated and a common solution settled than the practice in the USA currently.  

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