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Critical thinking is a very significant aspect of the health care system since it heavily contributes to decision making as well as problem-solving. Health care system is a broad field which comprises of medical practitioners, staff nurses, the board of managers and other concerned leaders. The effectiveness of service delivery to the patients will highly depend on how a health professional will use critical thinking to influence decisions by solving problems that may otherwise hinder patient care (Morton et al., 2017). For example, as a nurse, critical thinking is significant since it helps in achieving evidence-based practice, therefore standing a position of solving problems that may arise from the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO). Secondly, Critical thinking plays an important role will help in solving problems and achieving responsible decisions since the process of analyzing and evaluating data is done with a lot of commitment and consideration having that every action is accounted for. The nursing profession is a multifaceted field whereby nurses are engaged in various professional activities in ensuring that patients get the best medical services as possible (Wilson & Kizer, 2017). So when nurses are under environmental health heat, they apply critical thinking skills to collect analyze and interpret information that will help make appropriate decisions since they can identify the cause of a problem and project suitable solution to the problem.

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A good health care professional should posse’s qualitative elements that will enhance efficient medical service delivery. Health professionals, for example, the nurses should be excellent communicators, well communicators, in this case, means that they should be able to deliver the message to the patients in a well and understandable manner, and also be active listeners so that they can attend issues that have raised by the patients. Health professionals should be altruistic, meaning that the interests of the patients should come first. Health professionals, therefore, has a role to play in ensuring that there has a strong sense of service delivery, making patients feel better and above all giving back to the society(Wilson & Kizer, 2017). Lastly, the medical practitioners should be driven by a strong sense of professionalism thus integrity should be part of their duties in the effort of ensuring that they are upholding their medical values.

In health care system, communication is equally important as it is to medication. Effective Communication allows the passage of information from one department to another and also from patients to the health practitioners. The strengths of communication are that it establishes a forum in which people can air their views thus helping the patients in the most reliable manner, for instance, when health profession creates time to talk and discuss issues with staff members, he/she gets to know the issues affecting the staff members as well as the complains obtained from the patients via the nurses (Morton et al., 2017). Through this forum, an appropriate decision can be reached on how to solve a problem in the health crew facility. Also, when communication is two way, and for this case .patient to health care professionals, the stuff can get the required information or history of a particular disease, thus giving appropriate diagnostic measures. The weakness of communication can be experienced when the patients are incorporative to give out information thus leading to misdiagnosis. Also, lack of quorum and misunderstanding among the staff members may lead to a medical crisis in the health system.

The on task strategies that  I employ in the nursing profession is that I make sure the channel of communication is not impaired in any way, there is teamwork at the workplace and above all respecting every employee and the patients. Also doing my work with altruist ion and embracing integrity is the key gear towards achieving my goals 

Having right communication channel that is inclusive of both parties will improve the entire healthcare performance since the needs of the patients will be met at a ground level. Also embracing integrity and working with altruistic will ensure that patients receive the best health services because their interests are taken as a priority.

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