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Technology System Recommendation

Featherfall Medical Center needs to adopt a system that is compliant with the set regulations in the health sector, governance as well as the ethical issues. In regard to the system selected, the organization will be tasked with a number of roles which will have different needs. First, in regard to ensuring that efficiency is maintained at the organization, the system must be user friendly. Efficient systems are easy to use and operate (Palgon, 2017). The main goal of adopting a new system is to cut down on the cost of operation at the medical facility. Therefore, there is need to ensure that the system is cost friendly and affordable. Another important need of the organization in regard to the system is data interoperability. The system should be able to work with different types of data. Since the system will be used to analyze and store crucial company data, it should be highly secure. Important organization data should have restricted access and should only be viewed by the authorized personnel (Berg, 2003). The organization also needs to stabilize its operations through the use of a system that is highly stable. 

Between the two systems proposed for adoption by Featherfall Medical Center, the one determined to be the most appropriate for the company due to adherence with the health and regulation laws is Intel (SOA Expressway for Healthcare). From the assessment conducted, it has a good record of stability, which means that data on patients is safeguarded and cannot easily be lost (Page, & Fields, 2011). The system meets the minimum standards as required by the UHDDS on the reporting of the inpatient data. The next release of the software which will be in six months will be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. Intel (SOA Expressway for Healthcare) also meets the minimum standards required in terms of the demographics. In compliance with the protected health information (PHI) laws, the system also has multiple security levels and is password protected. This means that patient data is highly protected from access by unauthorized personnel.

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Intel  also meets the needs of the needs of the staff members. It meets the minimum standards for sending out announcements to all members of staff. The system also improves efficiency at the medical facility through the automation of most of the operations at the facility. Automation helps to minimize issues such as fatigue are greatly minimized (Palgon, 2017). It also controls the number of visitors coming in to see the patients, meaning that the staff on duty will not be compelled to manually control the people visiting the wards. Whenever a patient is discharge, the Intel (SOA Expressway for Healthcare) system notifies housekeeping on the same. In regard to the ethics of medical operations, the Intel (SOA Expressway for Healthcare) safeguards the privacy of patient data. It also meets the minimum standards required for sharing private information on the patients. 

Effective investment of financial resources 

Featherfall Medical Center can effectively invest the resources that they have by purchasing the Intel (SOA Expressway for Healthcare) program. The system will eliminate a lot of redundancy in their operations as well as improve efficiency. The organization can also use their resources to hire new employees who have knowledge in information technology and the operations of the new system. The existing group of employees should be trained on how to handle the Intel system. Some of the financial resources available should also be set aside for the maintenance and continuous upgrade of the system whenever new applications are developed. Featherfall Medical Center should also set aside some resources to provide better payments to their employees so that they retain them for longer periods of time. 

Monitoring of the new system 

Featherfall Medical Center can monitor the use of the new health information system in a number of ways. First, they can use supervisors to monitor the manner in which the employees use the system. Supervisors give a true picture of the level to which the system has been appreciated (Berg, 2003). Secondly, the staff can be requested to give feedback on their experiences with the new system. Third, they can evaluate the work done on the system on a daily basis to determine its use. The organization can also use monitoring tools to track the employee’s activities on the system. Through monitoring of the the use of the new information management system, the organization at the medical center will be able to determine the level of use, user experiences as well as the areas that need attention.   

Investment of time into the new information management system 

Featherfall Medical Center can effectively investment their time in the implementation of the new system in a number of ways. First, they could use the time available before the adoption of the new information management system to educate their staff on its operations and use. Secondly, they could monitor the performance of the new system to determine the areas that require attention. This will ensure a smooth transition from the old system into the new information management system. The organization can also use the available time to update all the stakeholders on the new system and bring them on board to support its implementation. According to Berg (2003), with the support of all the people concerned, it becomes quite easy to implement the system. 

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