Human Rights Expository Essay

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Type: Expository Essay
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Topics: Human Rights, Government

The documents contain set of rights for individuals, which were formulated in the best interest of citizens to ensure there are freedom and equality in the nations. The French Rights of Man, The US Bill of Rights and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights all share a particular set of objectives. Therefore, this paper puts an effort in comparing the similarities between the documents. 

An interesting piece of similarity is apparent where all the documents are steadfast in promoting freedom of both religion and speech. The documents allow its citizens freedom of putting across opinions and ideas, which is a valuable right to individuals. The US Bill of Rights on Amendment I allow every citizen to speak, print and write their ideas and opinion in their own choice but should not abuse this freedom since they will be liable for any abuse. The French Rights of Man allows the French citizen to have freedom of speech and religion so long as they do not interfere with the order recognized by the law. From article 18 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the doctrine permits everyone to freedom of religion, speech, peaceful assembly, opinion (Assembly, 1948).  

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The second similarity in the document is evident where citizens are given the right to own property. Citizens’ properties, houses, persons, and persons are secure from any seizure or searches, and no warrants should be issued on the properties without probable cause, which is affirmed, and a clear description of things or persons to be detained. The American Bill of Rights is against any searches and seizing of properties or homes without a warrant. Warrants are only served to prevent crime or catch an offender. This right protects officials from carrying out random searches. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights supports this by stating that citizens’ privacy, home, and families should not be subjected to arbitrary interference as in Article 12. Everyone should enjoy their privacy, and the law protects individuals from interference. The French Rights of Man states that neither the government nor other citizens have the right to take away someone’s property or land. Article 17 states that land is sacred and inviolable (Constitutionnel, 2002). 

In all the documents, the rights of criminals are upheld and should be treated in a just way. The Amendment VI of The US Bill of Rights states that persons accused have the right to a public and speedy trial where he/she should be informed about accusations and be assisted with a layer if they are not in a position to hire one. The accused cannot be detained in jail without evidence. The trial should be held in court. The French Rights of Man states that every person is innocent until when proven guilty by the courts. Furthermore, it states that the court should act just and fair. The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Article 10 states that everyone is innocent until when proven guilty (Assembly, 1948). The document gives the accused a chance for a lawyer to represent them in court. 

In conclusion, The French Rights of Man, The US Bill of Rights and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights contain various similarities as well as differences. These documents are important in uniting citizens and ensuring just, and moral acts are upheld in the society. It is evident that all the documents offer similar principles on different aspects to ensure equality of citizens. 

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