Importance of music

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Topics: Music, Creativity, Emotions

The sound of music, which is a soothing rhythm heard by an individual is very calming and relaxing. Listening to music, in turn, inspires creativity and resonates emotions. This paper highlights why music is important in someone’s life.

Music brings out creativity. Quite a large number of people listen to a particular genre of music while they carry on with their daily activities (Koelsch, 2011). People have admitted to becoming inspired as they listen to their favorite music while working. It is easy for someone to concentrate on his or her work and avoid issues of mental lethargy as they listen to music (Boise, 2015).

Music is universal and thus it can be considered as a universal language through which people from different cultures can understand each other by listening to a common tune. Emotional feelings can be easily expressed to people by just listening to a particular genre of music. In essence, music brings people of different backgrounds together (Carah, 2010).

Music has therapeutic effects, and people who are sick can experience a sense of healing as they listen to soothing music. The effects of music reach the heart and the brain, and it ignites joy and happiness and results in an individual having a positive response to treatment (Ashley, 2013).

Through music, a person is able to express inner feelings, which at times can be difficult to express by just having a conversation. The feelings that are expressed can be sadness or happiness. Moreover, in most cases, love is expressed through music (Goldstein, 2016).

In conclusion, music is important in someone’s life as it brings out creativity, it is a universal language, it has therapeutic effects, and it helps in expressing inner feelings.

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