Improving Healthcare Delivery at the Federal Level


Karen Bass is one of the legislators at the federal level and is also a nurse. She was first elected in the year 2010 to represent the 37th congressional district of California (Politico LLC, 2012). As an American Democrat, she serves as a member of the House of Representatives. Her credentials as a nurse include philosophical studies at the San Diego State University, working as a clinical instructor and a physician assistant at the school of medicine of USC Keck. She also founded an organization known as the community coalition in the Southern part of Los Angeles. 

Karen Bass plays a significant role as an advocate for improving healthcare delivery at the federal level. One of her major contributions is the promotion of nurses’ welfare including the shortage of nurses and the lump sum amounts of work they are tasked with which translate into a reduced rate of productivity as one of the things she encountered while serving as a nurse. Specifically, Bass is able to represent the nursing fraternity since she is well aware of their daily challenges from both the political and economic stands. Hence, with Bass as a legislator at the federal level and with a nursing background, she is in a position to effectively develop strategies that would lead to the increased healthcare delivery. 

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Bass has also sponsored and supported various bills that have significantly influenced healthcare. She primarily sponsors bills that are based on various contexts including international affairs, families, health, social welfare, and education among others. Some of the bills she has sponsored include H.R. 2795, which was titled Yemen Security and Humanity Act and the H.R 2952 that is an Act of 201 for Fostering Youth Mentoring among other bills (Govtrack, n.d.). In a nutshell, Karen Bass has influenced the development of healthcare through sponsoring relevant bills at the federal level. 

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