Influence of American films on gender


This essay will look into the movies “The Seven Year Itch” and the “Kill Bill” to elaborate on the impact that different American films can have on gender among other issues. The Seven Year Itch is an entertaining film where the protagonist is Marilyn Monroe known as “the girl” in the movie. This girl is a blonde bombshell, stunning and attractive. The film tells a story about a married man who faces a lot of temptation from the neighbor, “the girl” (Hayssen, 2016). The girl in this movie has no idea of the effect she has on Sherman (married neighbor).

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In the film, the girl is a sexually endowed girl who lives next door to a married man. In other words, the movie depicts this female as a sexual being. It shows that the American society depicts the issue as normal in the society. The tease photographs for the movie shows an ideal fantasy figure for this character (Devigus, 2011). The girl consists of impressing character traits where she is bubbly and innocent. The innocence that Marilyn Monroe portrays in the movie explains why she has no idea of her neighbor’s (Sherman) attraction to her. The neighbor takes advantage of her beauty and innocence and approaches her. It is arguable that she was a victim of naivety at the period.

In this film, Marilyn Monroe’s ignorance about her attraction to Sherman and her innocence could be the main reason as to why this character in the movie is referred to as “the girl” and not “the woman.” In the real sense, it shows that she was not mature that why the neighbor takes advantage of her easily. In the cinematic world, understanding the sexual powers that an individual has portrays not only maturity but also morality (Hayssen, 2016). For instance, if Marilyn Monroe in the film understood the effect she had on men due to her attractiveness, then she would not be bubbly and bright. Overall, this movie profiles the female gender as a sexual object meant for the attraction and gaze of the male gender. The role that Marilyn Monroe plays shows that she is proud when men adore. It is because she notices that she can become popular in the event.

On the contrary, the movie Kill Bill released in the year 2003 portrays a very different character for the female gender. The film raised many controversial questions because of the producer’s idea to have a female protagonist, an aspect that has not been common in the cinematic world for decades. This film, on the other hand, contrary to the Seven Year Itch reverses the gender roles, and the woman is no longer a sexual object but rather a strong person, ready to fight for equality and dignity (Patrick, 2011). It is evident in the movie that she fights with men to achieve her target.

The female character in this film plays a role majorly played by male characters in Kung Fu movies. Uma Thurman plays the major role as “the bride” and takes matters into her hands to revenge on the individuals The movie, therefore, shows that attack cannot be attributed to a particular gender and that when it comes to revenge, the genders are equal (McCollum, 2017). The movie shows that both genders are equal in every aspect and that a woman can do what a man can. The movie portrays a strong woman who does not feel intimidation in the company of men. She uses the personality to her advantage to get revenge on the villains in the movie.

The movie the Kill bill expresses the brutality that the females in the world endure. It shows the abusive situations that the men put the women. In the contemporary world, there could be a lot of brutality and violence that the men inflict on the female gender and the need for equality is core. Ninety percent of the movie Kill Bill shows the revenge that the female protagonists’ exercises for the harm inflicted on her (Patrick, 2011). The movie Kill Bill provides the female viewers with a character that they can cheer. Most of the time, also the men cheer on the strong female protagonists in such movies and as a result portray a message of equality where both genders have equal opportunities. It is evident that the movie tries to educate women that it is important to fight for what they believe is right. The constant obstacles that she faces are tough but her strong character allows her to fight the odds.

In conclusion, in the contemporary world when a woman performs the role of a man they are termed “feminist.” The society then stereotypes these type of women by attributing them to such characters as mean and evil while the real motive of feminism is equality and dignity. The movies depicts that strong women are feminists because of believing in equality. Dignity in the sense that women should not sexual beings rather they should get the same respect as men in the society. When the men cheer films where the female protagonists take part in the revenge after going through the brutal acts men inflict on them, then the female protagonist becomes a stand-in for all the victimized women in the world. Additionally, the movies represent the steps that the country takes to ensure that men and women in the American society receive equal rights.

The movie Kill Bill allows for the feminization of the male gender, which is beneficial as it radicalizes them, and helps attain the empathy of the male viewers (McCollum, 2017). In today’s world, the men need to perceive women as equal beings and know that they deserve equal rights. We learn that men and women have different roles in the society but there should be equality. Gender equality is an important aspect in the recent world. Overall, the movies profile the female gender as a sexual object meant for the attraction and gaze of the male gender.

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