Integrated Safety Management System

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Pardy, W., & Andrews, T. (2010), Postulates that integrated safety management system is helpful for organization to utilize the resources it has in the functions of a company as a collective whole. A company is able to coordinate the various departments, be it of safety, environmental, health or even quality. The departments are coordinated to function as a collective one entity to help save resources, assure effectiveness and efficiency in service and product delivery under one objective. This paper will focus on a company; evaluate its integrated system and how it functions. The quality, safety, health and environmental system, integrated in one singular entity to maximize profits or even cost of production. 

Organizational Identification

For the purposes of this work, the organization that I will evaluate is the Unilever Company. This is a global company with branches all over the world. It sells commodities be it of food, or other cosmetics like perfumes, and toiletries, among other products. The manufacture of these goods takes a very long process. The company has so many employees, of about 1500, who have to be coordinated. The company also operates a global brand running to very many countries. The quality of the products it makes and sells must meet a very high standard of quality. The safety of its employees and their help is at the core of the brand of Unilever. Unilever has it as a policy to ensure environmental conservation both external environment and the working environment. It is a case of a sophisticated integrated system to manage the organization. 

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Reason for choosing the organization

The main reason for the selection of the company was informed with its global brand, which deals with various commodities, but under the umbrella of one entity. It has outlets world over, which are well coordinated, and structured to meet the company`s objective.  Most significantly, is the fact that Unilever has so many departments that deals with deferent products in the same organization, and all these departments are managed to meet one same vision of the company. The departments are coordinated, even though they deal with different products, to ensure that the image of the company is protected. Unilever has a global brand, this was vital in its selection. The global nature shows the different types of environments that the business operates and the government regulations that affect the policy of the organization, with respects to the service delivery, sales and productions. The business environment in the different countries affect Unilever in one way or the other, hence the decision to investigate how all these environments are coordinated to form or function under one singular objective. Further, the decision to select Unilever was attracted by its commanding share in the market, more so with reference to the high test that the consumers have developed for the Unilever products. This informs on the satisfaction that their clients get in the products, and the quality of goods and services they offer. 

Information sources 

There is a variety of information available concerning Unilever on quality, environmental, health and safety. These are information documented, from the company website, newspapers, and magazines. The information of the website is very credible as the consumers depend on that information to get the best product for themselves, and the interactions they get with their clients. Subsequently, the information on the website is very authentic as it helps them to recruit other new employees. The quality of management system comprises a set of policies, procedures and processes that are necessary for the planning and the execution of the business objective within the business organization, (Pardy, W., & Andrews, T. (2010).  As such, the quality Management System is a core component that defines the way production is done, and the quality of services that are offered, and the manner or the channels required to satisfy such. The quality management system of Unilever ensures that there is the supervision of how the products are made, and the consequent ways to solve any sort coming from the quality produced. This information is obtained from the quality assurance that is regulated and determined by the company and countries regulatory bodies. The environmental management system improves the environmental performance and position of a company. The environmental concerns in the Unilever Company are covered very well in their department dealing with the sustainable life. The environmental issues addressed ensure that the physical environment is safe and the working conditions are okay and the information are contained in the website. 

Other information concerning the management system of Unilever will be obtained for the newspapers and the journals, like the financial times and Forbes magazine. Other information about the management system will be generated from interviews of the management officers at the local Unilever distributors’ branch office. The credibility of the information is very high because the information is published by the organization itself, and other governmental organization. 

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