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Institution Strategies 

The management of St. Jude Children Research Hospital would be expanding its branches in Kenya, a country in East Africa. Entry into the Kenyan market would require the management to understand the economy and strategically develop an excellent and affordable way of entering and managing the Kenyan economy. The hospital would provide quality services to the citizens of the country therefore correct investment is important. The affordable way of successfully setting the hospital would require the management to outsource hospital equipment from India that sells them at an affordable price (John et al, 2009). The lower cost of outsourcing enhances profitable investments of the hospital lowering the operational costs of the hospital. Moreover, outsourcing specialist pediatricians form India and USA would profitably work for the hospital. Additionally, the hospital would employ additional local hospital staff to efficiently run the organization.  

The macro-environment of the hospital would influence management in putting structures that would promote successful business. The hospital should determine how economic factors of the country such inflation, economic policies, and conditions would impact on the business. Importantly, understanding the government policies would help the hospital in establishing proper economic grounds in the country. Moreover, the legal and political environment of the country influences the stability and profitability of all economic activities (Saleem, 2010). The social factors such beliefs, languages and different societal preference would require the hospital to employ an international manager that would easily adapt to the social environment of the country and increase profitability if the hospital. The hospital should put in place the global business policies to counter competition from the local hospitals (Saleem, 2010). In conclusion, the hospital should create flexible business policies that would easily allow it to adapt to the new business environment. 

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