Issue of Importance: Affordable Care Act


Affordable care act is probably one of the most controversial health care law that puts the business community with the American citizenry on incessant litigation. The conservatives find the law to be putting more pressure on business since it has more restrain on them by compelling any company with more than 50 employees on fulltime basis to have a health insurance plan of employees. There have been several challenges to the Affordable Care Act on the Supreme Court where it has been declared constitutional. The president Trump’s administration has tested the overhaul of the law on the floor of Congress without success. 

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The affordable care act has a reasonable number of people that are in support of it because of benefit. The number of people that are on insurance plan has increased. It is this person that is now being used as a cushion of the effort to repeal and replace.  As reported in New York Times, in an article done by Michael Shear titled “Democratic Group Plans Attacks on G.O.P. Efforts to Undermine Obama Health Care Law,” there is well set strategies and plan put in place to ensure that the plan to repeal and replace the Affordable care act is stopped (Shear, 2017). One of such strategies is promising their argument on populism point of view. 

This strategy is done by taking the debate from Congress where there are representation people that need the insurance, to engage them. It is a strategy that is working because the member of Congress needs the vote of people to make it back (Tate, 2017). Most of the conservatives are worried about their political image if they side with G.O.P on the stand to take away the affordable care act. The strategy gets its impetus from the former president Barack Obama through domestic legislation that makes it hard for the G.O.P to repeal and replace despite having the numerical strength in the Congress.  

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