Jane Eyre analysis essay

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Topics: Book, Emotions, Jane Eyre, Love, Passion

Jane Eyre’s fight between Passion and Conscience is noticeable by how people are held as prisoners within their feelings which have complete power over them. Passion is a very powerful and can drive emotion that can penetrate such feelings which compel the individual to break free of the box that contains them.

Passion is a well know source of motivation that can drive individuals into taking action against the chains of their situation to be able to create change in their lives. Hence, within the final chapters of the novel; it is noticed that Jane’s conscience eventually manages to overcome her passion for individualism by finishing her inner journey and leading to develop what can be considered as a victorious conclusion to the story. Jane grew up in the Victorian Era within England. During that period women faced a lot of inequality and prejudice. Hence, this is the restraints that confine Jane throughout the majority of the novel. Thus the presence of such constraints within the story managed to ignite the passion within Jane to try break free of such bonds and be noticed as equals within the society (Bronte, 55).

Consequently, it is human nature to value things, such as passion or as right or wrong, relevant or non-important. Hence, an individual’s conscience can be like a block to one’s emotions. Such constraints create a struggle between the two. Such restrictions are noticeable within Jane Eyre who is the main character in the novel. Hence, Jane shows us this when her conscience tells her to marry the one she loves; however her passion to be free and equal conflicts her and forms an internal struggle within her.

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