John Calvin

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Background of John Calvin

In 1509 in France, John Calvin was born. He is believed to have come from a family who were strong in the catholic faith. As a student he studied philosophy, humanism and law. Due to this educational experience he converted from the catholic faith and became a protestant. In his work he became known due to the slogan of sovereignty of God and also coming up with the doctrine of predestination. He died on 1564 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Beliefs of John Calvin

According to John, he believed that the way to salvation was in the hands of the God. Meaning that even before the creation of the universe God already knew those who will inherit the kingdom of God. On God’s sovereignty, John believed on five principles abbreviated (T.U.L.I.P). Total depravity; every human being was born a sinner hence prone to sins. Secondly, unconditioned election; God is the one who enables one to get salvation. Thirdly, limited atonement; Jesus Christ died for the sins of the chosen saints of God and not for the unbelievers. Irresistible grace is another foundation; those who are chosen by God cannot resist the grace of God in their lives. Finally, perseverance of the saints; the moment a believer is saved cannot lose that salvation because Christ is bound in him. 

John Calvin is well known because of his reformations in the Christian life. After Martin Luther, John brought the second generation on the Protestants reformations. Has was also known as a political leader as well as a religious leader. It is in Geneva where he made much of his works and sent many pastors to other countries to spread that reformations and beliefs.

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