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Question 1: The DMV

Administrative Agencies are required to provide effective adjudicative processes that are fair and equitable. The Indiana’s administrative agencies have a few adjudication problems, but there are significant efforts to enhance fairness and equity. For instance, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a transparent of issuing number plates and registrations, driving license, and vehicle emissions testing. The agency has a simple and convenient process of registering newly acquired vehicles and issuing number plates. The license plates can be renewed online, and registration forms are also found online (Bureau of Motor Vehicles, n.d.). One can easily register his vehicles and obtain license online without imposing any unfair restrictions, as long as the vehicle was applied in the past 60 days. The rules are applicable to all applications without discrimination. However, the adjudication process can be made better by opening several branches in cities and towns to issue licenses and register new vehicles easily close to the public.

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Question 2: Richardson v. Perales

In the case of Richardson v. Perales, I feel that the court’s decision was not correct because it did not follow due process to enhance fairness in their ruling. While the physicians may have followed the right medical procedures to arrive at the recommendations, the opposing medical testimony of the claimant’s physicians should be a major concern. Due process for medical findings should allow for cross-examination to ensure that the doctor’s findings were achieved through the right procedures (Brown, 2016). The court also ignored the hearsay character of the findings, which is not fair to the claimants. If I were the judge, I would dismiss the evidence from the doctors until the hearsay character has been cleared, and the cross examination have been provided.

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