Love of God behavior

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Topics: Christianity, Emotions, Human Nature, Leadership, Love

The love of God has remained to be the most conductive style in leadership trait due to integrated patterns of effective models of leadership. God offers spiritual guidance through different means such as the biblical guidance, worship and teacher’s guidance. Just like any other common leader, God with all his mighty takes up the normal human leadership trait that any other human being would embrace. According to the bible, God is such a model leader who influences his believers positively, expressing the virtue of faithful spirituality which is a crucial factor for the effective ministry worldwide (Grahn, 2011).

God as a perfect leader leads by example and he sends Jesus to be a model of servant leadership. Jesus was a model example to inspire other spiritual leaders to flourish and achieve their potential leadership roles within the ministry of spreading gospel. Jesus as God’s model servant leader representative obeys the Gods plan. He sacrificed his own life to save others from sins (John 10:30, NKJV). This was a sign of true leadership and powerful sacrifice as a leader. Significantly, due to God’s love, he deliberately sends Jesus to motivate others and set examples to his followers.

God also expresses his love without a limit. Through his practical love, he expresses his full love to both the sinners and the righteous people. He leads without hypocrisy such that he spiritually blesses everyone in the world, both those who prosecute Christianity and those who believe in his word. God leads by action as he will rejoice with people during happier times and weep with people while in problems. He will always stands for his believers.

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