Marketing Strategies Process Essay

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Many companies take longer to establish and develop a marketing strategy that resonates with the intended audience. A strategic thinker will take more consideration when designing a marketing strategy. Several strategies are in use in modern life.

First, partnering with allies is an important undertaking. Collaborating helps one deliver better content due to the acquisition of new ideas. Since marketing partners are cheaper to create, they see quicker success, while exposing brands to new customers.

Second, collaborating with influencers can help promote a brand. Managers can use top designers, bloggers, comedians, and musicians to promote a brand (Ryan, 2017). Just as these people are famous, they make the brand celebrated. 

In addition, a good marketing strategy should present solutions to client challenges. One can achieve this by offering items that make life easier or better, by listening to customers keenly. For example, Orca Chevrolet in Brazil pattered with local companies and rescued stranded drivers by arriving in Orca (Ranchhod & Ashok, 2014). Helping drivers test its cars promoted the company brand too.

Furthermore, having fun is a strategy in business that attracts a significant number of customers. Famous companies, such as Caterpillar, attracted many customers by creating a fun game called “Built for It.” It was a simple game of having five Cat construction machines, playing the giant game of Jenga (Pearce, Wahr, & Films for the Humanities& Sciences (Firm), 2015). Many people opt for funny incidences to refresh their minds.

Finally, Involving employees helps promote a brand. In fact, employees are the biggest champions when it comes to advocating for a brand. Since they know the positives and negatives of the company,   they can easily convince customers.

In summation, there are several marketing strategies in practice today. This include the use of customers to promote brands, making fun, and partnering with allies. If well employed, corporations are assured of selling their brand maximally

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