Mental disorders argumentative essay



From the medical point of view various arguments have been put forward explaining the causes of diseases such as schizophrenia, anxiety and eating diseases. For instance, the causes of schizophrenia are believed largely to be genetics. This is attributed to the fact that schizophrenia tends to always run in families but, but no genes has been identified to be responsible.

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Arguments for causes of Schizophrenia

It is widely believed that various gene combination are responsible for the disease. However having these type of gene combination does not necessarily mean one will be affected with the disease (Pearce, 2010). The second cause of schizophrenia is believed to be stress which arise from divorce, bereavement, losing job and end of relationship (Gattaz & häfner, 2004). These experiences are highly believed to the major trigger of schizophrenia. Studies have also indicated that drug abuse increases the chances of schizophrenia infection in humans.

Arguments for causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that is not caused by a single factor but by a combination of factors. One of the leading arguments about the causes of anxiety is the family history with regards to mental health conditions (Maser & Cloninger, 2010). Majority of people who have experienced anxiety may have been predispose genetically to the condition. Stress is also a major contributor of anxiety to human. Physical health conditions also plays a significant role in the development of anxiety. Illnesses such as asthma heart disease and diabetes are highly related to anxiety.

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Arguments for causes of eating disorder

There are several theories that explains the causes of eating disorders in human. These factors are clustered as either biological, family or psychological factors. Family factors are highly associated with overprotective families where one would feel abandon, misunderstood and alone. Most parents who value physical appearance would end up contributing to eating disorder (Cassell & Gleaves, 2006). Psychological factors includes events such as having unrealistic expectations with their lives. These feelings includes defective worthless and inadequate. All these behaviors would lead them into extend their eating habits.

Analysis of the arguments

All these arguments put together are highly responsible for the individual disorders. For instance, genetics has the largest percentage of causing schizophrenia. Other causes such as environmental factors are also important contributor of the disease. With regards to anxiety it is essential to establish that the causes listed above have contributed to 80% of the reported cases in various hospitals (Samelson, 2009). This is significant revelation that could help the medical fraternity in combating anxiety. As for eating disorders, the causes vary greatly base on the psychological family and biological factors. Upon analysis of these causes, it is prudent to note that the disorders are highly related with regards to their causes and can be controlled once properly identified.

Summary of the outcome

Upon understating the arguments pertaining to the causes of these disorders, it is certain that the disorders have various causes that vary from parental care genetic orientation and environmental factors. All these have immensely contributed to the rise of these disorders in the present society. It is also important to note that these conditions can be controlled with through assessments of the causes listed above. Some of them such as genetics might prove hard to control in any infection.

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