Microcontroller programmer


The intensity of competition across several fields of study has obligated many people to sharpen their career goals, more so in relation to the ambitions that they hold with regard to their prospective expertise. Over long period, I have had the ambition to become a computer engineer, though with time I have learnt that computer engineering encompasses a consortium of specified functions, all which need specific training. It is for this reason, moreover, that I learnt the significance of career planning.

Career planning, also referred to as career strategy is vital in determining the relevance of the ambitions held by a scholar. In my case, career planning has enabled me to trace the direction in which my career will lead, besides, equipping me with the information about the need to have certain knowledge and skills in order to attain my preferred career (1, par 1). Having considered the above factors, I crystallized my ambitions of becoming a computer engineer into becoming a microcontroller programming professional, one of the distinctive careers under the broad banner of computer engineering.

Growing up as a child, I admired the extent to which technology had made life easier for people. During that period, I developed an affinity to technology. However, my specific love for computers would come into play when my mother acquired her first computer. I was impressed by the amount of duties that the computer could perform. With the knowledge I had back then, I was inquisitive about the additional functions that computers could do, a factor that pushed me towards having ambitions of becoming a computer engineer. By the time, I began to sharpen my ambitions; I read a lot about the influential role of computer innovation in diverse professional backgrounds. Computer engineering was rapidly becoming a career that spearheaded these changes, hence making its professionals not only in demand but also well paid. These factors made me dream of becoming a computer engineer.

The first step towards becoming a computer engineer, just like in many other careers is to undertake a self-assessment that guides a professional in understanding the specific career goals (1, par 3). I have undertaken a self-assessment, and currently undertaking a degree program in software engineering (2, par 3). Going into the future, I would like to have an associate degree in software engineering (2, par 2), which will make me a preferred candidate for employment in the renowned microcontroller programming companies (2, par 5). Thereafter, I plan to get a certification of engineering, which will be the proof of my professional expertise and a reflection of my area of specialization.

One of the main challenges that I expect to face in the bid to attain my career ambition is the trust and reliability of the developments in the microcontroller-programming field. Today, computers have become a source of information pilferage, hence making them targets for organizational failures (3, par 4). Going forward, I might have to encounter cases in which projects I have created have been manipulated by external parties, thereby leaving me with the challenge of proving the originality of my work.

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