Mill’s utilitarian theory of justice

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Which is the best system of economic justice of the three presented in Chapter 3 of Shaw. Why?

Thesis: Mill’s utilitarian theory of justice proves to be the best system of economic justice presented in Shaws chapter chapter.

The following are the supporting ideas why I settled on this type of economic justice after reading the chapter.

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After reading this chapter it’s easy to notice that this theory recognizes the need for justice as part of morality and justice and none of the two has priority over any other. For this reason this theory states that we should allways strive to promote things that add value in our lives. For this case social welfare is also one of the most factored aspects in this theory of justice. Reason being that everyone’s goodness is of importance to the wellbeing of the world.

To make sure that everyone enjoys the world, in the theory advocates for free trade. According to this theory, free trade is important and helps in rewarding those who put much effort in what they do and encourages them to be more productive. A great deal of freedom is also achieved in the free market operation and the fact that free trade eventually leads to a more prosperous society. Among the drawbacks of freedom denial is that much suffering is caused.

According to Mill who is the man behind this theory there are certain suggestions that can be used to make sure our economic systems improve or get better. For instance Mill argues that there shouldn’t be disintegration between owners and workers. The separation of the two groups using class warfare or any other unwanted relations should be ironed out. He gives an example whereby wages should be shared among the two groups to reduce rivalry between the two groups (Shaw 2016).

The second suggestion of improving the economic systems is by ensuring equality of income. For instance taxing the rich with the aim of helping the poor could ensure that goodness is achieved and also make sure necessities are evenly available to both the rich and the poor.

Although this system of justice seeks to promote social wellbeing, not every social utility qualifies as social justice. Some key social utilities have to be identified such as rules of rights which are important in maintaining social wellbeing of humans.

Such rights include right to own property. This right states that there is no one who deserves to be deprived off his property. For any individual has to have some property because they have various needs and property may enable in fulfilment of those needs. Secondly, shelter and food are needed for any human being to continue living. Thirdly, or future plans need to be fulfilled and definitely are facilities by presence of property. Finally profit can be realized from property ownership and this can also be a motivation to work harder. Additionally, right to social welfare is also important to the wellbeing of individuals and includes food, hosing clothing and shelter. Lastly is the right to education more so access to fundamental and elementary education (Shaw 2016).

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As much as the this system of economic justice uplift aspects that make human goodness the system fails to tell us the economic system that is suitable to generate the most happiness. As such the Mill’s utilitarian theory of justice proves to be the best system of economic justice presented in Shaws chapter because of its concerns with the social well-being of individuals.

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