When I started this activity, I was overwhelmed by thoughts. I was not aware of the best decision to make regarding life choices. The uncertainty made my heart to feel heavy. Therefore, when I started I could not delete my past memories. Thoughts were still coming and everything that was in my mind remained fresh. However, after closing my eyes, I started meditating and feeling of the air penetrating my brains. I started feeling fresh and my head became empty. As time went by, the feeling of relaxation became stronger. It’s like I looked directly into my mind and started asking myself some questions. The self which controls my conscience disappeared and I started to have a feeling of radical emptiness. A sense of freedom and fullness crept in and I started analysing my pasts and what I anticipate to do in the future. I started looking at my past mistakes and tried to meditate at what is best for me. An urge to know myself grew stronger and I could pause and listen to my heartbeats. I felt a sense of peace. My sensory organs were aroused and I could feel blood flowing to every part of my body. However, thoughts started becoming stronger again and I brushed them off by focusing on my breathing patterns (Levey & Levey, 2015). However, I had several moments of distractions whereby, my mind could not erase some of the thoughts. At some point, I had to stand and stretch before going on with the activity. This was a way of erasing the thoughts that made it hard for me to remain focused.

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At the 30th minute, I had tuned my mind to focus on my breathing patterns. I listened to heartbeat and cleared all my thoughts. I could feel my organs stretch and relax as the feeling of aeration got into my bones. My spinal cord felt well relaxed and my mind had a sense of emptiness. At this point, I had been able to avoid distractions (Young & Hoopla digital, 2011). My body remained still and I minimized the movement of the organs. This gave me a leeway to shift my energy towards the activity. At 45th minute, everything remained still and I started appreciating the ambience and the environment around me. The quietness of the place gave me a chance to have a feeling of myself. I appreciated a shift in my body to a state of self-conscience.

At the 60th minute, my brain had enough rest. I felt relaxed and refreshed. I felt like I was starting afresh. It’s like I was being born afresh. My body organs felt relaxed and well aerated. My brain felt fresh and ready to accommodate more information. I felt a sense of self-knowledge. At some point, I felt like I have had a long slumber and deleted all my past thoughts. It was like, I knew what I want I want and the way I want to achieve it (Fishman, 2002). Overall, I felt energized and ready to face new challenges in life. This made me feel challenged to revisit my plan and make changes to fit my new interests.

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