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There is an increase of the demand of mobile phones, and this is because of the evolving nature and use of mobile phones. For instance, mobile phones are not only used to make and receive calls, but they can also be used to access the internet and financial services. In fact, there is the emergence of mobile banking, where users of mobile phones can access the banking services through the use of their phones (Choi and Kim 2015). This paper seeks to analyze the technological advances that are developed, or have to be developed for purposes of coping up with the increased demand of mobile phones. The paper focuses on technological advances that have to be implemented for purposes of making smartphone to have a high battery life. Currently, there is a need of constantly charging smartphone and tablet batteries for purposes of making them effective and functional.              

It is important to note that over the last ten years, mobile phone technology has significantly increased, and the evolution and development of smartphones is an example of the technological development of mobile phones (Choi and Kim 2015). Smartphones are useful because they enable a person to access the internet, carry out mobile banking, stream movies and engage in other online activities, apart from the traditional use of phones which is for sending and receiving messages (Page 2013). However, one major weakness of smartphones is the low battery life that they have. For purposes of improving the quality of their batteries, some smartphone manufacturers use large battery capabilities such as 10,000 mAh capacity batteries. The advantage of these batteries is that users can take a considerable time using them, before charging them.

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However, the disadvantage is that they take a very long period of time before they can be fully charged. On this note, the use of technologies such as Qualcomm Quick Charge helps in fast tracking the charging of these batteries. This technology can speed up the process by 75% (Page 2013). Furthermore, there is an emergence and evolution of wireless technologies that can be used for purposes of charging smartphones and mobile phones. For instance, the Qi Technology has made it possible for the development of wireless chargers, and these charges are popular with smartphone and tablet users.   

This is because it easier for them to charge their mobile gadgets, by laying them down on the charging pad. Additionally, there is the development of the WattUp free charging technology that will help in enabling an automatic charging of mobile and smartphones. This technology is still under development (Cudak ET AL, 2014). Furthermore, it is important to denote that the current state of the internet has the capability of coping up with the increasing demand of mobile users. A good example is the 4G networking system. This technology enables users to have an access to high speed transmission of data through the internet (Cimellaro et al, 2014). Furthermore, this technology allows users to be able to access a number of multiple files instantly, while surfing the internet. On this note, it is technologies such as the 4G systems that help in increasing the demand for smartphones.   

Finally, the increase in the demand of mobile users has led to the emergence of new technologies aimed at satisfying the demand. An example is the Qi technology which has enabled the development of wireless mobile chargers, and the Watt Up technology that seeks to enable automatic charging of mobile and smartphones. On the other hand, the 4G technology is an internet technology that helps in coping up with the demand of mobile users.         

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