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The purpose of the paper is to elaborate the personal playlist that has helped me in improving physical and mental health. Music plays an effective role in influencing emotions and feelings. The playlist selected reflects my mood and what kind of music I listen to while workout sessions. My playlist has motivated me to stick an extra hour on the treadmill or some other exercise regime.

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Kelly Clarkson. Behind These Hazel Eyes (2004). Breakaway Album

The song by Kelly Clarkson is my go-to song while working out. It keeps me motivated, and pace of workout remains steadier during the song. The song is about the different side effects of divorce on children which parents fail to realize. The song portrays sad feelings, but it helps in focusing the workout. The divorce and legacies linked with it might sound depressing, but the beat and lyrics keep me going throughout the workout procedure.

It has contributed to my mental and physical health. I think about lyrics in the song as a ray of hope for those who are struggling in life. As I am struggling with the weight loss, I relate with the song in that way. It is technically a sad and emotional song, but it helps me in the gym. Recent research has indicated that the sad music can lift up one’s mood. Additionally, sad music or music can help in boosting happiness and reducing anxiety.

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AR Rahman Ft Pussycat Dolls. Jai Ho. (2008) Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack (CD).

The fast and upbeat of tempo helps me in enjoying the workout. The fast and upbeat music tends to increase the heartbeat. The simulative music like Jai Ho can cause a person to dance energetically (Lee et al. 2017). One of many reasons I have it on my playlist is its blend of eastern and western music. The simulative and fast music is useful in the longevity of exercise. It helps in pumping blood around the body faster. The fast tempo aspect of the song keeps me motivated and maintaining my pace of exercise.

Linkin Park. In the End (2000). Hybrid Theory

The particular song is mixture or rap and power cords. It is an incredible song by the band. The literal interpretation of the song that one must not waste time by thinking about others. Start living in the moment type of vibe is associated with the song. It has helped me to continue my workout regime. I feel like not wasting time by contaminating my body through the bad routine. However, the song has motivated me to stay regular and consistent about working out. I consider this song to be my pre-workout anthem. If I feel lazy or lethargic to work out, I listen to this soundtrack and feel extremely energetic to begin my workout.

Linkin Park. Numb. (2003). Meteora

Early in the morning, I prefer to this song by Linkin Park since it has that kicking effect to it which makes one want to work out. The track lies under the genre of electric metal. According to a study by Tuomos Eerola, emotions and memories are triggered through the music (Lee et al. 2017). My whole playlist comprises of songs that keep me going throughout the workout. Additionally, I have songs that relate to my mood and surroundings. The particular song fulfills both requirements.

The song of the Linkin park is thunderous and electric metal that keeps me awake in the morning. The lyrics highlight that the subject is tired of people expecting from him/her. It relates with the dealing of pressures and expectations people associate with others. I chose this song because of its emotive language throughout the duration.

Ed Sheeran.In Shape of You. (2017). Single

The particular song is pop which I rank number 1 in my current playlist. It has this fast and slow touch to it which makes one feel energetic. It has an aggressive touch of Carribean music. It can be defined as trickier, nimble, and effective song that makes one hum it. The music can stimulate emotions via specific brain circuits.

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Music impacts brain which engages mood and emotions of listeners. It has an upbeat joy to it. According to a journal of psychology, upbeat music can improve moods and boost happiness. Music defines the mental health of listeners. Music can calm anxious minds. The song by Ed Sheeran has the consistent rhythm to it which forces me to dance and enjoy it (Lee et al. 2017).

Beyoncé. Single Ladies. (2008). I am Sasha..fierce.

The song is fast and has an aggressive undertone to it.  The song is pop and groovy. The song video is equally entertaining with Beyoncé doing the fierce dance. The clap is an indication of pop music since it signifies the genre. The fast music increases the heartbeat which pumps blood faster during the workout. It is essential that the work out playlist should have songs that can pump the blood faster. Furthermore, the release of endorphins becomes easy due to the pop music. Claps on every eighth note has given the song an up-tempo feel.  Every note of the song is strong and makes me active during the work out sessions. I listen to do during random evenings too. A snare drum in the song makes it all hip hop. Hip hop has influenced American culture to a large extent.  Hip-hop music has an impact on the brain which causes people to tap their toes.

Beyoncé. Run the World. (2011). 4

The genre of the song is contemporary R&B. The song talks about the women empowerment. I like the song since it has this fast touch to it. The song keeps me motivated and energetic. The song has strength, joy, and positivity associated with it. The song has emulated for me that the positivity and strength can change the way we think or move. All the positive and negative experiences of my life have made me what I am today. Even the choice of music defines one’s personality. The particular song has enabled me to be positive and strong about my personal goals. I have a personal goal of staying fit which is fulfilled through this kind of music.

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Eminem. Lose Yourself. (2002). 8 Mile

The pop music is considered to be one of the effective genres that help listeners to focus during the workout. The song lyrics, “You better lose yourself in music, the moment” help in literally and figuratively losing myself at the moment. The particular song highly pumps the workout. I forget about the time while listening to the song on repeat. The song defines an era, an artist, and a genre. It has brilliantly explained me the actual definition of hip-hop and rap music. Eminem can put his listeners in a trance through such music. The particular song is considered to be one of the best rap songs. It has won several awards due to its impacting and strong music.

Hustle Standard. Work, Hustle, and Kill. (2002). Lost Souls Vs. Battle Tested

The particular song lies in the genre of electric and dance. It can be classified as an up-tempo and classic song for a workout. It has hyperactive and frenetic beats which make it trance-like track. I enjoy this, and it activates me to stick to the treadmill for an extra hour. It creates a joyous mood.  It fosters the rigorous workout and jamming sessions. I am a fitness freak which is why songs like this one stay in my playlist for long.

There is a relationship between musical, psychology, and social variables which are highlighted in the song. Music can make one make the tempo of working out. Hence, this song is relaxing and energetic enough for me to stay consistent throughout the workout.

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Drake Ft Jorja Smith and Black Coffee. Get it together. (2017). More Life

The particular song is one of my recommended songs and plays it all the time. The song is not only gym type, but also I play it while I am down. The genre is hip/hop and rap. The artist Drake has used perfect lyrics to connect with his fans and listeners. The particular lyrics, “I have been hurt so many times, It got to a point when I decided, I can’t do this anymore,” have this motivating sort of touch to it. It feels like the artist is telling me my worth. I do not owe to anyone to give justifications for my actions. The song has helped me to calm in pressurized scenarios (Lee et al. 2017).

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