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Art Wolte

One of the top photographers in the United States, Art Wolte was born in 1951 to commercial artists. Art Wolte is a graduate in Fine Arts and Education from the University of Washington. Today marks the fifth decade since Wolte began his career in Photography. Such exemplifies his dedication to the delivery of quality photographs. Art Wolfe specializes in conservancy photography of nature. In his photography, Wolfe focuses on what is beautiful on earth and uses his photography to affirm the need to conserve the ecosystem in a multifaceted fashion. Through the focus on the environmental conservation, Wolte’s photography is dominated by an exemplification of various beautiful aspects of nature that are appealing to the viewers and elicits the need to conserve the environment.

I like Wolte’s photography for his recognition of the criticality of environmental conservation. Destruction of the environment leads to the deterioration of the quality of our lives (Joshi and Namita 211).The photos by Wolte leads to the documentation of the subjects while at the same time education the viewers. For a long time even before the advent of conservation photography, Wolte was already affirming the theme through his photography. Such is evident that from his 1997 work which revolved around using photography as a special medium of communicating awareness about environmental conservation. The works of Wolte echo the provision of the Bible on the need to conserve nature. In the book of Genesis, the Bible says that God gave the man the Garden of Eden to work and keep (Gen. 2.15). This means that man was to avoid the wastage of the Garden of Eden and to preserve it for the future generation. Wolte is achieving this through his photography.

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Erik Almas

Erik Almas is another great photographer in the United States whose works inspires me. Born in 1971 in Norway, Almas moved to San Francisco, United States at the age of 22 to study photography. For four years, Almas undertook her undergraduate studies at the Academy of Art University. Almas graduated in 1999 and subsequently awarded an Honorary Degree of Outstanding Alumnus. The photographer was awarded the degree for her exemplary performance in photography. Almas specializes in portrait photography as her primary area of work. She also engages in advertising photography. Before her rise to stardom, Jim Erickson mentored Almas for three years. It is through this mentorship that Almas learnt the art of the trade. To date, some of her notable clients include American Airlines, Intercontinental Hotels, Pfizer, Microsoft, and Puma. With the mentioned clients, the photographer has engaged in commercial photography.

Almas rise to be a renowned photographer is a result of dedication and hard work. She decided to leave her home country to pursue art in the United States. At the University, Alma graduated with the best portfolio in the spring show. This is indicative of her exemplary interest and performance in the arts. What I like about Almas is the quality of her portrait photography works. She takes the portraits that communicate the emotions of her subjects (Hurter n.p). The portraits taken by Almas echo her professionalism and dedication. She brings out the best in people through her works by delivering premium quality photographs. The quality of her work has earned her a coveted position as one of the top portrait photographers in the country.

Ken Pak 

A wedding photographer, Ken Pak has won multiple awards for his unique works. The uniqueness of his photography has won him ranking as one of the top fearless photographers in Washington DC. He is listed in the top 100 photographers in the United States and Canada. At a tender age, Pak’s father who practiced photography as a hobby exposed him to photography. His father gifted him with a camera and a video camera marking his first interest as a photographer. Pak started his photography by focusing on environmental preservation but later shifted to taking photos at weddings. This later progressed into a special interest, as he would take pictures of the special moments of his friends especially during parties and weddings. With this new development, Pak resolved to pursue photography as a profession.

I like Ken Pak because of his ability to bring out the best of the special moments, which serves as documentation for future references. He describes photography as the way of exposing life at its best. He says that he studies the emotions during the weddings to capture the couples’ best moments through his lenses. He delivers quality photographs that make everyone want to have a wedding. Weddings are ones in a lifetime event and therefore require the best methodology to document. Photography offers couples an opportunity to remember the memorable moments and Ken Pak has positioned himself to serve this purpose.


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