How the assignments of the previous 4 weeks provided me with new insight into planning a professional career


The previous four weeks have been enlightening in my professional career.  The experience provided me with a glimpse of the actual nursing practice in the real world.  In a way, it provided me with a reality check about my expectation of actual nursing practice.  It also contextualized my theoretical learning on how they relate to the real world and served as a bridge between reality and my expectation.  I also realized how critical planning plays in the profession of a nurse as early in our career as it determines the trajectory of our career.  In simpler terms, the past 4 weeks showed me the real world of nursing.

Interview a nurse manager and discuss the nursing role in the healthcare delivery system

The interview with the nurse manager was an eye-opener.  It provided a visual picture early in my career of what to expect as a nurse.  It basically closed the gap between my expectations and reality about the practice of nursing.  The interview made me realize how wide the coverage of the nursing practice is.  Nurses are not only limited to the healthcare system but can, in fact, extend their role in the academe and research.  Their role, however, is critical in the healthcare delivery system as they serve as the backbone of it.  Physicians without the presence and help of the nurse will not be effective.  Also, critical health services will not be effectively delivered without nurses.

Advancements opportunities for nurses

The advancement opportunities for nurses are many.  For one, there is a shortage on nursing so it ensures that there is enough room for everybody to grow.  Nurses also play multiple roles allowing them to advance even in non-healthcare settings.  Nurses are critical in delivering the healthcare system but they also have a place in non-healthcare settings such as academe, community, research, and even in the corporate world.  The important thing is, for the nurse to determine his or her strong area of ability and inclination and then plan his or her career for advancement.  In short, opportunities for nurses are not only limited in hospitals but they can also advance in the universities, research, communities, and even in the corporate world.

Describe the interview with the BSN nurse

Who was interviewed provided a walk-through about the profession of nursing in a real-world health care setting.  The interview made me realize that there is a shortage of nurses and being such, the demands of the role of nurses are huge.  The BSN nurse provided an idea of how their typical day is, their responsibilities, and the pressure on nurses. The respondent also extended my perspective when I was introduced to clinical research which is not the usual role of nursing in healthcare delivery.  The respondent explained that the practice of nursing must be evidence-based and one way to have a scientific basis for the practice is to have research on it.  The BSN nurse also explained that behavioral research is also included in the clinic research of nursing (

Discuss a professional organization such as American Nursing Association

Professional organizations help to protect the welfare the interest of their members.  Nursing professional such as American Nursing Association, the organization helps to advance, promote and protect the interest of nurses.  The association is helpful towards the development of a nurse and is especially beneficial during the critical time of a nurse when or she is in need, sick, or incapacitated.  In a way, American Nursing Association serves as a safety net for nurses during their difficult times so that their sufferings and their families will be alleviated.  The closest analogy of the American Nursing Association is like an organized trade union for nurses.

Describe the interview with the nurse manager

The interview with the nursing manager is quite different because the focus of the discussion is not in healthcare delivery or research but rather on administration.  Here, the nursing manager talked about management and leadership and how to run a hospital or clinic.  The nursing manager illustrated that managing nurses is different from managing employees in the corporate setting because the motivators that make them tick are the same.


The past four weeks have been enlightening as they provided me with a glimpse of the role of nurses in various capacities.  It also provided critical input in planning my career.  In a way, it made my career plan more grounded or reality because it has the input of resource persons (BSN nurse, practicing nurse, and nurse manager) who are already practicing nursing in various capacities.

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