Nursing Leaders as Ethical-Legal Change Agents in Health Care

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Ethical decision making and legal issues that influence leadership in nursing.

Nurses make choices daily that must take into account real policy, laws, and ethical morals. For  nurses to make proper decisions, they need an understanding of how policy, legislation, and nursing interfere (Sullivan, 2012). Nurses are supposed to learn and understand the legal language and analyze how it will affect their training and their patients. 

Ethical Decision Making and Legal Issues

Nurses and all health care givers are always dared to make moral decisions about life and death issues in providing care to persons, families, and the whole society. Ethical moral is relevant in the wider setting of personal, societal,  cultural and professional values and moral and ethics (Fry & Johnstone, 2015).

The human fundamentals and rights should not be denied regardless of the race, gender, religion, age, and state of health. Human rights should be respected including the right to life irrespective of the situation of the sickness. For instance, the ethical principal of helping a critical patient on life support machine or in a comma for long through ending life is not legal, but it is crucial to help the person from suffering.

Actions to solve moral distress caused by ethical dilemmas and the values.

Nurses responsibility can result in a moral conflict, and that is why I will make sure I promote life through respecting the rights of the patient, giving the basic health to all without discriminating (Hopps, 2014). I will make sure I prevent diseases that are preventable through sharing the information with the others even though it is not ethical to share the information of the patient. For example, a person who has HIV and wants to kill the partner.

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