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Economic force is an important aspect of healthcare. With the constant change of the world’s economic status, people are opting to find cheaper means of paying hospital bills to avoid bankruptcy. The Affordable Care Act enacted in 2014 has its advantages among the United States individuals as it seeks to decrease health care cost, hence providing accessibility of healthcare to low-class individuals. Besides, its creation was meant to improve the quality of health care to all citizens in the area. The main purpose of the ACA was to promote affordability in healthcare, hence increasing positive well-being of the community because many will access professional assistance from the hospitals (Anderson, 2014). It is clear the aspects of ACA are positively driven by economic force. The reason is because, since its establishment, minimal negative outcomes have been noted in the United States economy. For instance, more people are being employed because of the increase of private firms in the country. Furthermore, because of its unique aspects, people are spending fewer funds on healthcare as the ACA promotes the reduction of medical bills. Most people fail to attend their jobs because they are able to access medical care, prompting an increase of the country’s revenue from their different workstations. 

Healthcare in the United States has faced several challenges decreasing institutions quality drugs and assistance from the medical practitioners. Some of these challenges include decreased funding from the government, unaffordability of medical insurance for the unemployed individuals and inadequate hospital staff among others. Economic forces provide healthcare institutions with the certainty of whether the business will improve or decline in future (Sanders et. al, 2011). Basing the arguments with the current trend of healthcare, economic forces are likely to affect the section positively. The reason is because the governments have attempted to provide its citizens with affordable health care through ACA, meaning it will increase the hospitals funding to ensure the American people receive quality care. Furthermore, there will be an increase in medical staff since they will be required to save time to avoid the patients from waiting in long queues for their appointment. Besides, the drugs acquired by these medical institutions will be affordable as the government will ensure these hospitals are well stocked to provide accessibility of patient’s drugs and equipment required for their different scans. With this in mind, enacting economic forces in healthcare will promote increased development of the sector by allowing people to continue with their daily routines since they have access to quality medical attention. 

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Nurses are important individuals in health institutions because with their diverse medical knowledge they are able to provide the patients with the required care and attention. They have a huge role and responsibility in the ongoing healthcare change. To begin with, since, most of them associate with the patients face to face, they will act as sources of information to these patients regarding the changing qualities of healthcare. They will advise them what and not to adopt such as applying the ACA to have adequate access to medical attention. Nevertheless, their leadership is crucial as it will help control the activities in the hospitals in various sections such as wards (Anderson, 2014). This will promote quality attention making the patients have an easy time finding the different rooms and doctors in the hospital. Besides, they have a duty to ensure every patient in the room is conversant with the hospital’s environment socially, psychologically and mentally. The situation will prevent the patients from feeling out of place because they will receive maximum assistance from the nurses. By doing this, the patients will ensure they follow the rules provided to them, hence creating an organization in the hospitals.

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