Organizational Behavior Proposal Essay


There is a significant connection between diversity and innovation. Diversity drives creative thinking which in turn leads to innovation. Therefore, to nurture innovative thinking in my company, I would embrace diversity. Having people from different backgrounds work for you, create innovation since it brings on board different types of ideas and approaches to problem-solving. In most cases, our minds solve problems through a structured kind of thinking depending on our experiences. It is essential to embrace creative thinking which encourages the thought to search for solutions in new areas to come up with new solutions to challenges. Having staff from different backgrounds is a great way to bring about different ways of thinking which form the foundation of innovation is (Desrochers, Leppälä, & Szurmak, 2017). 

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There are several types of diversities that I would embrace in my new company as a way of encouraging innovation. These include age, ethnicity and race, gender, education level, religion, disability, personality and life experience. Such kinds of diversities would bring in individuals with varying capabilities, expertise, and schools of thoughts which would be a great way to boost innovative thinking. There are other forms of diversity that I would stay away from. These include socioeconomic diversity, sexual orientation, physical appearance and political diversity. Such diversities do not have any impact on innovation, and they can, in fact, create problems at the company (Marhold, Jinhwan Kim, & Kang, 2017). 

Diversity is good for innovation. However, it is important to pick only those types of differences that positively contribute to innovative thinking. Some forms of diversity do not contribute positively to innovation, and they do in fact cause more than good in the workplace. Therefore, as a person in charge of recruiting in my company, I would be meticulous to distinguish between the two categories of diversity.

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