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As human beings, we encounter art every day. Art is the expression of creativity skills meant to produce work that portrays emotional power or inner beauty. The concept of art has existed for over centuries. In ancient times, such as in the evolution of humankind, art was used to preserve memories. The early man could make drawings in caves. Art plays various roles in the society. Some people paint to express themselves, on what they are thinking while others use paintings as a means of educating the community. In several cases, the artists may have a different perception of art that the viewers do not have. Modern art has revolutionized the concepts of art. Artists are expressing themselves even more in their work. They are using any material to make art look admirable. People perceive the elements of art differently including, lighting and sound and how they interact. The perception of these elements depends on the person viewing an artwork or listening to an artistic video or audio.

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My first expectation was to witness art that portrays perfect beauty, such as the modern-day version of the Monalisa painting. I had a unique perception of the video, “This is Modern art.” However, after viewing the video, I realized the different forms of art and how the artists have the freedom to express themselves. The artists covered in the video represent themselves by making art out of their personal experience and some from fictional perspectives. One such example is the woman who made a tent as an art form and wrote the names of every man she ever slept with (Collings). My first reaction to the woman’s work is why she chose to turn her encounters into art. I wondered if it was part of expressing a person’s thoughts or it was beyond the boundaries of art. However, throughout the video, I realized that art has no rules. Every artist has the right to make their different piece depending on their intentions.

The aspect of modern art that appeals to me is the ability to use traditional materials in a new way. Modern day artists use already existing elements naturally and creatively to express their ideas. An example is Jackson Pollock. The artist was thought to be a wild painter because of how he used the materials he had (Collings). He used cheap household paints to express how he was a tough painter. Some may argue that his paintings were ugly but, to him and those who understand art believe that his artworks have aspects of beauty. Jackson Pollock would lay the canvas on the flour and then pour paint on it or dribble and flicker the paint (Collings). Despite Pollock being a wild painter, he was a submissive person. Art, therefore, provides a person with an opportunity to be perceived differently from what they indeed are.

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How people perceive art differently

Some people understand art based on the emotion it conveys. Each piece of art has a story behind it to tell. People notice colors in art in the first place. An illustration with dark colors ignites the negative perception of art. For example, a piece of art showing a disfigured face with dark colors is likely to make some people feel scared or sad. Some may look at the color of the painting and judge the artwork wrongly. However, there are those who see beyond the dark colors in the art. For example, another person may be pleased with the artist’s ability to create a disfigured face and its uniqueness. Such a person may then start to wonder the meaning of the artistic work. The perception, therefore, depends on what the viewer wants to see. There are those who look at the color and become judgmental, while others look at the exceptional skills of the artists and are pleased.

Perception of an artistic work may also depend on artistic work’s context. It refers to what a person associates the artistic work with based on their experience. The modern-day art video has a scene where the narrator Mathew Collings is drawing a nude woman (Collings). People from different traditions or upbringing may have different perceptions of the artist work. A person from a reserved family may perceive the scene as offensive. Another individual would look past the nakedness and choose to see the beauty of the artistic work. The perception of art based on nudity depends on a person’s traditional and religious bases. For example, in Islam, women are expected to cover their whole body. When a Muslim sees the nude woman in a painting, it is highly likely that they will find it offensive. However, another person would argue that the piece has no difference from a pornographic image. However, in all perceptions, it depends on the viewer’s associative context.

How media can push the boundaries of modern art

Media can be used to expand the concepts of contemporary art. Artists can rely on the power of social media to showcase their work. Social media platforms, such as Instagram are essential in providing artists with an opportunity to show their work to millions of people around the world. Others use the platform to sell their displays. In the past, the world had no such opportunities. However, technological advancement has made it possible to notify people of a person’s artistic skills. Artists can also use blogs to educate the masses on art. Knowledge is a powerful tool to mobilize people to embrace art. Blogs can offer vital information, such as the best elements to look at when purchasing art. A large percentage of the world has access to mobile phone, and therefore they can get the information quickly. Information motivates people to buy and change their perception of art.

Overall, art is a powerful tool that captures the perception of many. Each person can have a different understanding regarding a piece of art. The modern-day art is not restricted to painting but instead goes beyond and touches on music and any other way a person can express their skills. Modern art has no particular rule. It depends solely on the person making the art. A person’s perception of a piece of art can be based on the concept of emotional appeal, traditional beliefs or the language of the art. Selective seeing, selective understanding, and associative context can determine how a person views the art. Media can play a supportive role if the technological advancements are used to the artist’s advantage. They can showcase their work and have an opportunity to sell their work. It also offers a chance to educate those who do not know art.

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