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Domestic gun ownership has increased greatly over the years. Some guns are legally owned and licensed with the relevant authorities while others are illegally possessed by unlicensed individuals. Debates on whether to legalize or to illegalize gun ownership by citizens have been discussed in various forums in the country. This has been orchestrated by improper use of the guns by some of the citizens. Reactions have been raised concerning the failure by government to fully control or regulate the domestic gun ownership. In my opinion, gun ownership by citizens is not a problem, improper regulation is the problem. This discussion will explain some advantages of citizens owning guns and the measures that the state should put in place to regulate their usage.

The government has failed in securing security to the citizens. Such security threat poses a danger to the lives of the citizens. The right to life is a fundamental absolute right which should be protected at all costs. However, government agencies have been unable to adequately guarantee security to the citizens. Deadly armed criminals have for a long time been terrorizing the citizens and robbing them off their property. The citizens have opted to take charge of their own security. According to the Pew Research Center 2013, a survey carried out revealed that many citizens own guns in order to protect themselves. Citizens should be allowed to own guns. This will enable them to protect themselves against attacks by criminals and other people with ill intentions of harming them. It is thereby right and logical to grant the citizens the access to the guns.

Guns are also used by citizens in hunting which is a crucial source of food for some citizens living in the remote areas. Banning the ownership of the can affect their lives to a very great extent. Proper regulation should be undertaken to ensure hunting is conducted responsibly rather than banning the use of guns in hunting. Apart from hunting a source of food, the hunters also assist in wildlife conservation. Tim Flanigan (2016), cited ways through which the hunters help to conserve wildlife. For instance, the hunters are required to obtain licenses to allow them to do hunting. Revenue generated from the licenses is used to fund wildlife conservation activities. It is therefore recommendable for the government to allow the hunters to continue with their activities without interruption since it stands to benefit.

Lastly, these guns are used for recreational activities such as sports shooting. Exercises contribute to good health. In addition, purchase of the guns used in sports using boosts the industries involved in the manufacture of the guns. This creates employment for many citizens in the country. National Sports Shooting Foundation (2017) explains the importance of sports shooting in promoting economy growth. It is crucial for the government to support the initiative by allowing the citizens to own guns.

Ownership of guns by the citizens has a lot of advantages to the citizens and to the government as discussed above. Despite the few isolated instances of misuse of the guns, it is right to conclude that guns are so useful to the citizens. The government should amend laws to make to legalize firearms possession by the citizens. Strict measures should be put in place to deal with the rogue individuals who take advantage and use the guns to commit illegal activities.

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