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Subject: Literature
Type: Exploratory Essay
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Topics: Nature, Poetry, Symbolism

Different and changing ideas of land and/or Country

Different themes in the poem, ‘Song of the Darling River’ and ‘Australia’ are used to show a changing Australia and the ideas of land. The following are the changes shown in the poems,

Firstly, Flood is symbolically used to signify how the differences and the topographical discrepancies are smoothened. Australia was back then as it is now characterized by racial differences, technological change, economic hardships, writing and art as well as the political opinion which were erased by the flood. Bringing back the Australia required model structuring to restore the terrain of Australia (Lawson &Henry 1975).

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Second is civilization, the white settlers brought education and modern civilization in Australia although there was anti-modernism. Modern culture civilized the people and was a desirable form of changing the ideas and way of life across Australia. Australia was colonized by the whites who grabbed their land. She adopted the position of the colonial planner. It was a nation without history, architecture or songs whose only hope of rescue was remarked about the settlement. The immigrants influenced Australia to a modern society where they brought skills, education and their cultural values.

Displacements the Australian nationalists and patriots were displaced after fifty years and they later gladly returned. Displacements occurred due to civil and modern war caused by resistance to cultural changes and white settlers occupying their lands (Gilpin, 1983).

Moreover, there was social diversity. The Australian culture has changed as a result of migration and influence from the settler culture.  The immigrants came with different culture and languages.  It is notable that there is perception and mythical ideas across Australia. This led to cultural displacement in Australia. The latest culture has effects such as corrupt and uncultivated culture and should be avoided in every way. The cultural diversity in Australian society was featured by increasing migration of people.

It is also evident that there was racism in Australia. It infringed nationalist emergence of whitlamite, Keatingesque with its downgrading and depressing version of national life. It was ignorant of all things except the whitefella and civilizing view of settler culture.  The depression saw Australia facing massive unemployment, poverty, and economic hardships. Australia meant much more than a place to some of its tribe. Most viewed it informs of trees, hills, river and they protected it from settlers which would lead to wars.

Furthermore, underdevelopment lingered in Australia. It was viewed as a young country, but it was the last of land and also empty meaning it was underdeveloped. It was a large nation with five cities which acted as parasite draining it probably due to mismanagement and political instability.

Despite the challenges that Australia faced, there was hope. In the beginning, there was hopelessness as the plains were bare, death and ruin were everywhere and drought. In the poem’ Australia’ by Hope, 1991, the nation was green and had a form. Some of the displaced returned home for a better country with changed ideologies. It improved when all the differences were flattened like the tribes, cultural differences, ignorance, and stupidity. A changing country is shown by the public acceptance of the multiculturalism and a political system that is accommodating of everyone.

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