President Trump’s Travel Ban


The current event analysis relating to the migration has been viewed in the two Executive Orders issued by the President. This has created a blueprint for the enactment of such orders, that is interior enforcement and border security which acts as major threats to the country in terms of national security (Rubenstein & Spiegel, 2017). Serious criminal offenses such as terrorism will remain major target areas for the federal immigration officials and other security stakeholders. Even though, the new order tends to go a bit further covering more crimes of immigrants such as undocumented immigrants charged with offenses or those who have conferred Acts that could constitute chargeable violations in the country. The new order is believed to block out immigrants from the previous seven predominantly Muslim countries of origin such as Libya, Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. In any case, not at all like the present order, the new limitations are relied upon to expressly absolved green-card holders, double U.S. nationals who likewise hold citizenship in any of the seven named nations, and voyagers who as of now have U.S. visas (Ardehali, 2017).  The new official order is likewise not anticipated that would particularly banish migrants from Syrian from entering the U.S.

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Following these new Orders, most people have questioned that the first official order, which came into use early this year with perceptions that it only adds up to a travel boycott or that it unequivocally focusing on the Muslims as social liberties bunches and may trigger conflicts as well as raising other national issues. These concerns have ended the Presidential Order in court for the determination of reliability and applicability. The general public has also raised the similar concerns. Those in support of the new Executive Orders asserts that it is by means of delaying the process of vetting where on the application would permit the organization to amend the migration and verifying framework where there are crevices presently and develop appropriate methods for the gaps. The first measure suspended the U.S.  Program of the migrants for 120 days, restricted section by Syrian outcasts uncertainly, and ended passage for 90 days by natives of the seven countries recorded in the request. This has raised contentions, particularly in the Muslim community. Taking after the immediate impact of the new orders means that a number of migrants will have to meet all the needed procedures before gaining entry to the US. The order will also place perplexity and misconception, legitimate changeless inhabitants or green-card holders and double U.S. subjects with citizenship in any of the recorded nations were likewise at first observed as influenced by the order (Ardehali, 2017). They will be exempted by this present order.

The strategy direction organized on the capture of deportable migrants who have “manhandled” the open U.S. benefits, distorted themselves, or in the judgment of a migration  officer, generally may represent a danger to  represent a hazard to open wellbeing or national security however with less specifics on the way in which the highlighted criteria will be resolved. The approach additionally shows that driving without a permit, an incessant offense for undocumented emigrants, could make an individual subject to movement capture, confinement and, if discovered removable by conclusive request, expulsion from the United States will be applied. It is along these lines incorporated that genuine offenders and the associated offenses will stay number one need for implementation, regardless of the new arrangement changes which have been made.

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In the reaction to the order, Department of Homeland Security strongly supports that enforcing these new Executive Orders will guarantee the wellbeing and security of the American individuals. The Executive Orders will stay set up, restricted travel will remain precluded, and the U.S. government will hold its entitlement to disavow visas whenever required for national security or open wellbeing. The Orders will influence a minor part of universal voyagers and is an initial effort towards restoring control over the national security and the borders which pose major threat. Analysts see this strategy as a type of an erroneous date, something that would be difficult to maintain in a significantly more different America of the 21st century. In the perspective of Muslim travel boycott, the forceful arraignment of unapproved migration, assaults on Mexico will only worsen the conditions. Threats are believed to be everywhere, but other approaches aimed at maintaining the unity of the people should be used. Mass deportation of migrants will just goad clashes, disdain and influences the economy of the United States in terms of poor foreign relation, scientific community, and trade (Ardehali, 2017). Moreover, most Americans’ are unlikely to support the new executive orders as they request the use of Golden Rule and treatment of some limited refugees in the country. Even though, there is support for the need of national security and measures to curb the specific threats which are posed by the immigrants and or refugees but support for the policies which are placed on certain religious tests automatically go unsupported.

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