Presidential Elections Debate: Does it Really Matter?

Subject: Political
Type: Argumentative Essay
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Topics: Capitalism, Constitution, Democracy, Government

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Honest disagreement is often a good gesture or sign of progress.” The process of debate provides philosophical and lasting benefits for the people, communities or societies, and for the world as a whole. With its focus on critical thinking, effective or efficient communication, independent research, and cooperation, debate offers skills that serve people well in school, in places of work, in political life and satisfying their obligations as citizens of democratic societies. All debates have a wider impact on society; it can be of assistance to the hatching democracies heal from the wounds caused by oppressive dictatorships and racial violence through providing a forum where capricious issues can be candidly discussed.

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The United States does not practice an authoritarian system of governance where the same government does not recognize formal limits and may as well be restrained through the power of different social organizations (Bardes, Barbara, Mack and Schmidt 33). In this case, presidential election debate acts a good example to the citizen and the international community as a way of embracing democracy, tolerance, nonviolence and respect for various and diverse opinions. Presidential election debate unravels how the incoming United States government or president will foster the unity between the US and the international community regarding understanding, cooperation, and free, lively exchange of ideas.

In every election period, a lot emphasis is always directed to the presidential election debate. A question that many people ask themselves is, does it really matter? Whenever a debate is scheduled, millions of Americans always tune to their televisions and radios to witness and listen to one the most anticipated occasion events in the political history. In the streets, offices, and households, the sense of suspense has always been significant. For many homes, it can be hard to convey to the youths that despite the excitement that always surrounds presidential race, presidential debates and elections are far-reaching issues. They can affect a million lives of Americans, and on many events in the past, they have affected our lives. Just like it has been done in the past, news media have often anticipated televised presidential debates as a nationwide event of great importance; it is regarded as a type of super bowl of American democracy. It has brought a mixed reaction from different personalities including political scientists who think the debate do not characteristically have dramatic effects on voters.

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Debates matter and are important regarding the influence. Debates are compelling in terms of voters learning about the presidential candidates. For instance, the evidence that has been experienced in the past debates overwhelmingly shows that the most important debate, at least concerning information acquisition. The debates are held several times, and it is through the first debate that the voters get to understand and know more information about the candidate.

In conclusion, in the United States, the play of politics happens through the rules of the game which include democracy, capitalism, and constitutionalism. Democracy, as it is commonly known, is a rule by the people, which in practice; is the representative classification or system of government in which people rule through their elected leaders (Patterson 19). The presidential election debates matters since it gives the voters a platform to understand what different presidential candidates have for them. It is through these debates that voters can exercise their democratic rights without being coerced; therefore, presidential elections debate matters.

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