Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice Argumentative Essay


Abortion is a debatable topic that captures different community members’ beliefs, morals, religions, and values. The growing issues about issues have created a noticeable difference between various members, dividing them into two groups, either pro-life or pro-choice. Those who identify as pro-life are often against abortion, while those who define themselves as pro-choice give people the freedom to decide when to have children or whether to have an abortion. The growing debates surrounding abortions have widely triggered the understanding of the impacts of the abortion ban on society and how it influences the social and general well-being of the affected women. The conflicts between pro-life and pro-choice are mainly supported by understanding whether it is acceptable in society and the moral connection to the affected individuals. In the American community, the idea of pro-life versus pro-life has largely influenced people’s understanding of abortion and how it affects those involved in terms of safety, health, and future results. Therefore, although pro-choice is more suitable for modern American society since it supports safer abortion and gives women control of their bodies, pro-life believes in protecting all human beings by encouraging an abortion ban.

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To begin with, pro-choice is suitable for modern American society with enhanced medical procedures that support safe abortion. The reduced number of deaths linked to legal abortions has recorded significant improvements in protecting women’s health and a better understanding of legal options for safe abortions. In this case, pro-choice allows people to plan and control the number of children they have while protecting their existing children’s lives (Amery, 2020). Moreover, pro-choice reduces maternal deaths linked to pregnancy-related issues by allowing people to explore diverse medical solutions to different health issues of mothers. Pro-choice mostly favors women from low-income and racially-discriminated societies who are more likely to have limited access to resources that might help them deal with certain medical conditions that influence their link to abortion. In many ways, pro-choice challenges the idea of abortion buns, making it possible for women to receive both effective and safe abortions. It also makes women more concerned with the needs of their bodies (Rye & Underhill, 2020). Pro-choice understands the significance of opting for abortions due to issues such as an ectopic pregnancy that might be dangerous to the mother’s life. Therefore, pro-choice provides a safe space for women who want to be more involved in issues linked to their reproductive health and the well-being of their bodies.

Furthermore, modern American society should embrace pro-choice as a suitable way of giving women control of their bodies. Pro-choice gives women the right to decide whether or when to have children, making them more active in different aspects of their lives. When women have a chance to decide whether or when to have children, it offers them an opportunity to improve their participation in school and their workplace (Maltbie, 2021). It also makes them more aware of the significance of planning for their children and understanding the needs and capabilities of their bodies. Giving women control of their bodies also protects them from further mental health complications after birth, which could contribute to domestic violence towards them. Most importantly, giving women control of their bodies allows them to set and achieve their goals while growing into financially stable people who can raise their children in a stable environment and decide on the right time to have their children (Leach, 2020). Pro-choice is a significant side of the understanding of abortion as it makes it possible for women to fully invest in the economic growth of their community with improved outcomes and considerations for their health. Thus, pro-choice gives women a chance to focus on their careers, build a better future, and plan for their families without judgment.

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However, pro-life protects the lives of all humans, which is suitable for modern American society. People from the pro-life group believe that life begins at conception, which makes abortion the killing of another human. In this case, they believe that abortion should be treated like murder which should not be accepted in the American community. Pro-life is largely focused on reducing the impacts of abortion in society by encouraging people to focus on other family planning methods to avoid killing an innocent life (Cosgrove, 2021). Since the organs of a human begin developing three weeks after conception, pro-life argues that it becomes a living human whose rights need to be protected and respected. On the other hand, pro-choice gives women a chance to protect themselves from challenging situations resulting from unplanned pregnancies (Siegel, 2021). The idea of supporting women is based solely on giving them independence concerning their health and ability to have children. Therefore, pro-choice provides long-lasting solutions to unplanned pregnancies that encourages women’s capabilities in the community.

In conclusion, pro-life and pro-choice are effective approaches to abortion in modern American society. They both portray strong arguments that help people connect with the benefits and challenges of abortion in a society influenced by different cultures, beliefs, religions, or values. However, pro-choice is more suitable for modern American society as it encourages the introduction of legal and safer abortion. It also gives women control of their bodies and allows them to participate in significant activities and aspects of the community actively. Even though pro-life is an approach that believes in protecting all human beings by encouraging an abortion ban, it limits the capabilities of women and the protection of their health. As a result, pro-choice offers a better understanding of the positive impacts of challenging the abortion ban and encouraging women to stand up for themselves.

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