Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice Debate



For centuries, the man has often been the sole decision-maker both in the family and outside the home. The man has been responsible for coming up with decisions on issues that affect both man and woman. This has greatly disenfranchised the female sex because some of the man’s decisions are not aimed at promoting the freedom and health of the woman. For instance, it is the man who makes the decision on abortion and reproductive health issues that affect the woman. This issue continues even today where men still make the majority in the decision-making. The woman should be given the space and freedom to make decisions on the reproduction processes that affect them such as whether to proceed with abortion or not.

Pro-Choice Argument

According to the pro-choice argument, abortion is a positive and valid reproductive choice that the woman must be allowed. There are several issues facing pregnancies that people should focus on other than abortion. Women out there are dying due lack of adequate maternity care while others suffer fatal complications. The body belongs to the woman and she deserves the right to make the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy as long as health and safety are observed during the process. Her family must support her during the procedure to ensure that it becomes a success.

Abortion has been demonized without giving adequate consideration to the reasons behind the woman’s need to abort. A woman can choose to give birth, to adopt or to abort. However, the world concentrates more on this one choice as it should not be an option. The pro-choice group believes that abortion is a valid choice that ought to be safeguarded. The society should not continue to view abortion as negative issues because this is what leads to the bigger problems associated with the procedure (Finer & Johanna, 2018). The negative feelings and depression that come after an abortion should not be used as the reason to demonize the procedure. These feelings are less severe as compared to having to deliver an unwanted pregnancy. The mother lives the whole of her life abhorring the baby hence denying it the much-needed infant care.

The pro-choice argue that the fact that some states have legalized abortion mean that the available research seems to have proved that the procedure is valid as long as a sound medical framework and policy is laid down (Marge, 2005). The best thing for the rest of the nations to do is to legalize the practice and come up with mechanisms of maximizing on its benefits. Surgical and medical abortion have both recorded high rates of success further supporting the argument that abortion is probably a safe medical procedure that can be accepted and widely practiced. Majority of the women who have obtained a surgical abortion before attaining 13 weeks of pregnancy have reported high rates of safety and success with very minimal complications (Marge, 2005). The opponents of abortion chose only a few cases that are characterized by complications to describe abortion as unsafe.

Legalizing abortion would prevent the cases where women resort to illegal abortions that negatively affect their health. The Roe vs. Wade case proved that abortion can be made legal to save the lives of many women. The promotion of health and the protection of human life featured prominently in the Supreme Court ruling. These two elements should guide the debate on whether abortion should be legalized or not. However, judging by the many harmful methods women resort to get rid of the baby, it is only right to allow them the dignity to have the abortion done in a well-regulated environment (FindLaw, 2018). Thousands of women have died or incurred serious medical complications as a result of visiting unlicensed practitioners or undertaking self-induced abortions. The primitive methods employed by the women or by the quacks are the reason for the loss of many lives.

Pro-Life Argument

The pro-life proponents argue that life begins at conception hence performing an abortion amounts to murder.  They base their argument on developmental biology. The heart of the fetus begins to beat two weeks after conception. By the 43 third day, the doctors can record electrical brain waves. Two months after conception, the fetus has developed all the body system functions. The baby has a fully developed DNA, its sensitivity to heat, light, and noise. The pro-life group sees the fetus as a normal person that ought to be protected by the law.

The opponents of abortion argue that it threatens and the life and the health of the mother. This argument is premised on the cases where some women have developed complications immediately after obtaining an abortion. Some studies have also shown that abortion increases the risk of suffering from breast cancer. According to the research, every analysis of the outcomes of induced abortions done before the woman experiences the first live birth shows that the woman’s risk of obtaining breast cancer increases. During the first pregnancy, the breast cells become mature and undergo cell division to increase their capacity to produce the milk. During the process of cell division, the susceptibility of the breasts to cancer-causing carcinogens increases (Brind et al, 1996). If the woman allows the pregnancy to run its course, the breasts will be accorded adequate time to mature and the division of the cells will cease. On the other hand, if the woman terminates the pregnancy through abortion, the breasts do not mature up thus the risk of breast cancer increases.

The other argument that this group puts forward to criticize abortion is that it takes the God-given right of the child to live. This argument is based on the religious principles and doctrines as well as ideologies. For instance, the preservatives like the Republicans in the US have always been pro-life. The Republicans believe that abortion is against the human values of life thus it must not be legalized. The religious groups, on the other hand, view abortion as one way of destroying God’s creation and God’s plan for our lives. For this group, everything under the sun has a purpose (Rocca et al, 2015). God usually has a reason why he allows the woman to get pregnant at the time that she got pregnant. The emphasis then shifts to the future and destiny of the fetus. The religious ideology is that it is God who creates us and puts us in the mother’s womb. This ideology holds the argument that pregnancy is a continuation of God’s creative design. He has a plan for every individual, born or unborn. This argument takes away the right of the woman over her body by making reference to a divine power.


The women should be given the right to make decisions about abortion. The pro-choice group views abortion as a personal and valid decision that every woman must be allowed to make at all times. This group further argues that women have the right to access all the available reproductive health options. The woman must be given the space to make the decision which would then be respected by all. On the other hand, the pro-life group argues that the right to life is not a decision that the woman can be left to make individually. There are numerous medical conditions and implications that must be put into consideration. The right to life of the unborn child must also be respected. The arguments put forward by the pro-choice are stronger and more valid to support the position that abortion should be legalized.

Audience Analysis

My target audience for this paper consists of the medical policymakers, the lawmakers, the healthcare and the women. The policymakers are very important because it is them who formulate the policies on the medical programs and activities. The women need to procure an abortion in a medically safe environment. It is the duty of the policymakers to create the framework for such an environment. The healthcare providers are the executors of the policies made by the department of health and other relevant agencies. They play a crucial role in ensuring that the provisions of the medical policies are followed to the latter.

The healthcare providers will create measures for the supervision of the abortion process to ensure that the practitioners follow safer abortion procedures. The greatest players, in this case, are the lawmakers. The lawmakers must enact laws that legalize and promote abortion. Failure to do this would jeopardize the life and health of many women who will resort to the harmful procedures of conducting an abortion. This paper is a call to action for the women to realize that abortion has far more benefit than others want them to know. The women should stand up for their right to make informed decisions about abortion.

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