Pros/Cons of the Critical Chain method and the Critical Path Method

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Working on projects requires the use of techniques that ensure efficiency and faster delivery of the project. Several techniques are available to ensure the projects are more productive and minimize the amount of time and energy spent on it. The two common techniques normally used are Critical Chain and Critical Path methods. These two techniques focus on different aspects of a given project. 

Critical Path method focuses on activities by drawing attention to those activities that need priority. As a result, the activities that require priority are worked on more diligently than others. The advantage of this technique is that it exposes the dependencies, which in turn help in making the project faster (Anantatmula, 2008). Further, the critical path method technique allows managers to respond to the negative risk of bypassing the schedule. Additionally, this technique allows for organization of complex projects, encourages a reduction in the duration of the project, and allows the product manager to optimize efficiency (Anantatmula, 2008). The method, however, has disadvantages including presenting a big challenge when handling large and complex projects. Such projects have dependency relationships and a mountain of activities. Another con is that the method is not concerned with resource accountability. 

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The second technique is the critical chain method, which is concerned with resources and resource allocation. Thus, the main advantage of this technique is the mapping out of resources to enhance efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the technique makes the connection and collaboration is easier within tasks. The disadvantage of the critical chain method includes the use of aggressive time estimates, which might jeopardize the deadline of the project leading to an adjustment in the project deadline (El-Din & El-Korany, 2016). 

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