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Crime mapping is the process of majorly using Geographical Information System (GIS) to doing spatial analysis by law enforcement agencies. KVTZ (2012) shows that mapping is used to visualize, in most cases analyze and map criminal incidents by law enforcement bodies. It remarkably is a necessity in Comp Stat remarkably policing strategy and crime data analysis. Mapping crime using Geographical Information System enables crime researcher to know the big hole with specifically perceptiveness and systems. A GIS uses four types of elements; points, lines, plane figures, and images. Unlike data can be linked by analysts using common geographical variables, i.e., variables, learning, census and crime data for a related locality which helps in communication analysis together.

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Paul (1981) illustrates that the beginning of crime analysis is different from crime mapping. Crime mapping commenced in the early 1800s and the early 1900s through the work of research. In the early 1920s and 1930s urban sociologists in Chicago did the first substantive spatial analysis of crime. Poverty and social disorganization were factors majored by the urban sociologists. Improvement in technology and academic developments enhanced the use of crime mapping in law enforcement agencies. However, this did not decrease until the 1990s.According to Paul (1981), inherent limitations such as spatial autocorrelation and heterogeneity have been able to be addressed through crime mapping and analysis. One is not only able to understand why and where a crime is but also be able to analyze crime data through spatial data analysis. Police agencies can make better decisions; formulate strategies, target resources, and tactical analysis.

LAPD Crime mapping

LAPD (2012) illustrates that crime data is directly fed on the Omega group to ensure accuracy on the site. The crime data records put through an exclusive data process where each incident is located geographically to a hundred blocks. The crime mapping link is found at and also by clicking on Crime mapping by navigating to the left or clicking the link above. Crime can filter by users through the provision of a list by police who gives the information to the website the crime mapping website. On clicking information such as date and time, the site was visit seen can found. Crime mapping helps one to access the critical links which shows how a crime is practice and one can subscribe to the notification.

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Raids Online

RAIDS Online is a free public crime provider developed by BAIR analytics. According to KVTZ (2012), general crime mapping enables improvement in trust, data accuracy and transparency and also reduction in the information request. RAIDS Online allows citizens to see how crime affects socio-economic and demographic factors. It also enables them to search for information and view crime activities.  Citizens or neighborhood watch groups can sign up for reports to ensure their neighborhood stay safe.

RAIDS Online connects Citizens with the law enforcement to ensure that there is the minimal crime and public safety is improved. These help the community to know more about the criminal activity surrounding them and can know the way forward about their safety. Raids online goes gone a step ahead of crime mapping through enhancing communication between the community and law enforcement agencies by warning the public on recent crimes, empowering them to make better decisions and be able to analyze and interpret the information given to them. These give one a chance to look for those doing a crime, locate where is done from such as the hospital, where and where login was done hence able to inform the relevant authority about the current offense done. The website provides necessary analytical assessments. RAIDS Online is user-friendly and displays all crimes reported.  A hundred block of the incident becomes visible to the user. All events have shown results from a case report initiated.

The data above is a screenshot of public crime mapping of Napa area

A link to the crime map can found at By clicking on the link to the right one can see a plan, and to the left the table of contents. The table of contents enables one to choose what to see on the map. The data then reflected on each of the tabs across the top. These costs include; map, data grid, analytics, and metadata. One can start by putting a specific address, for instance, a house location or school or choose a city from the pick list. These take one to the city center. A buffer is then applied. These allow a person to select the crime types then they would like to look. Bair analytics enables one to put their address and a personalized email where they can be able to see crime incidents in their area.

Crime Reports

Crime reports help residents see and understand where the crime is happening in their neighborhood and engage with their local enforcement agents.

The United States Property Crime rate was starting 1960 per 100,000 populations.

Bureau of Justice of statistics is the reference.

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According to FBI (2011), violent crimes have been decreasing over an extended period. The homicide rate has been approximated to be more than 30 per 100000 people in 1700 and dropping to 20 by 1800 and ten by 1900.Crime rate increased in the United States after World War 11 which started in the year the 1970s and ended in 1900s. Crimson rapidly rose the year 1960, and its climax was in 1991. During the same time, property crime had doubled. Property Crime increased over the same period. Among reasons why crime reports have declined in US include;  The increment of the number of police officers since 1990’s, improvement in the state and local enforcement, prisons,  and crime prevention through the signing of Violent Crime Control and law enforcement by President Bill Clinton on September 16, 1994.Also,  the rapid increase in prison population since the mid-1970’s, a crime of cocaine circulation developed early but decreased after ten years, showing the population of children born by mothers in challenging environment and their childhood declined due to legalized abortion. Moreover, rising income and demographic changes in an aging population also add to the overall decline in crime. Apart from that, Comp Stat reduced crimes in cities that used it. Immigration increase in the United States and the quality and use of security technology increased which enabled the offense to decline and also car theft declined which may have added up to the other crimes decreasing as well.

In conclusion, RAIDS online can be ranked the highest then crime mapping and lastly crime reports. Crime information is provided to citizens within 24 hours of an incident by these web-based service providers.  Law enforcement agencies offer information.  This data accessed by the community members enabling them to be informed and be able to improve the safety of their property, family and friends and the entire community at large. All web-based service providers are essential and can be used to reduce Crime to zero levels. These are seen through the declining rate of crime in the United States as provided by the crime reports.

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