Public Health Career as a Chosen Meta-Major

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Topics: Public Health, Medicine

Public health field has been considered one of the fastest growing careers globally due to the increased benefits realized from the public health officers. Such a compulsion enabled my colleagues and me to pick on the career apart from being interested in the public health sector. However, various reasons might influence the decisions of a person to select the public health career. As well, the diversity of field for work like the public, where public health officers have the role of administering the health systems, involvement in disaster preparedness and public nursing. Thus, I encourage most parents and teachers to motivate their children and students to develop interest and advance their education in the field to increase their knowledge in the specialized areas.

Furthermore, public health officials have demonstrated effective educational roles as teachers of the public health research alongside students. Nevertheless, public health has shown usefulness in the private sector through participation in pharmaceuticals companies, healthcare organizations and corporations as consultants or employees. On the same note, public health officer participates in non-profitable events to bridge the gaps that exist in the health industry that depicts the relevancy of the career in the modern society. On the other hand, I suggest that student who has perceived interest in pursuing public health meet the minimum educational requirements that will ensure they have a good foundation for the tasks ahead (WHO, 2011). 

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Therefore, I believe having pursued public health course offers a fascinating and rewarding opportunity in career development, which is likely to change the life experiences of many people promoting self-satisfaction despite being one of the highest paying jobs in the country. For example, the annual average salary for public health officers ranges from about $55,260 and $75,000 with public health epidemiologists topping the list. Based on job growth, public health offers a sound reason for most of its officers and aspiring students to indulge in the career (Stokols et al., 2013). Such a move is enhanced by the increasing demand for public health workers in every department and organization in the nation following the increased awareness of the public. Besides, the high growth rate creates more career and employment opportunities for the public health workers. 

As well, public health officers have demonstrated security in their jobs, as the workers have limited stress and personal satisfaction in accomplishing their career objective making public health enjoyable. Furthermore, there are varieties of specialization lines in public health that makes the field diversified, as one gets along in the most suited area or one can be a general officer to encounter the numerous roles across the country (Wilson and Keelan, 2009). With specialization, a public officer can master all the different aspects, which helps in the dedication of efforts towards the particular area. 

On the other hand, the desire to improve the health status of the global community or the nation as a whole is highly achieved through public health since personnel will participate in various populations influencing their public’s livelihood. Nevertheless, attempts to enhance the global health, an officer will be engaged in travels around the world interacting with different citizens and cultures. Therefore, the development of public health career helps is significant in the realization of personal and public satisfaction while impacting on the health of others.

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