Reflection on the Analysis of the Sin of Suicide

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Topics: Suicide, Bible, Christianity, Human Nature

The view of suicide in Christianity perspective is that it is morally wrong. To Christians, suicide is nothing but just a great contradiction of the human nature. In fact based on the bioethics facts for Christianity, we do not possess our own life and therefore when we commit suicide, then we mess up with our creator by expressing a desire to play him (Veatch, Haddad,  & English, 2010).  Despite such strong biblical perspectives, we have some people who still feel that suicide is moral. For example, according to Meilaender, he believes that the act never condemns those who commit suicide. His argument on suicide is contrary to the firmly held Christianity believe and perception of suicide as a sin. Meilaender goes further to support his point that suicide is not a sin by providing rationales such as God does not only judge the deeds of a person but also the person himself and therefore occurrence of crime in once lifetime does not in any way determine the individual’s fate (Meilaender,2013).

Despite the various supports similar to those of Meilaender given in support of suicide, it is a mortal sin to help anyone end his life or commit suicide. But on the other hand, in cases where by the individual has knowledge that suicide is wrong and has given full consent to commit the act of suicide based on serious and grave matters, then it may not be termed as a mortal sin (Verhey, 2011). In most cases when carrying out euthanasia, the individual happens not to have given the full consent will for suicide to be done. This is also an argument that supports Christianity teaching of suicide being an immortal sin.

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