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Business Presentation Plan

One of the best ways of educating and involving people in the community is through the making of presentations. Community presentations are often live and face-to-face description of the issue under consideration to a local group (Sahebjamnia, Torabi & Mansouri, 2015). Community presentations can be executed in various formats and may include informal talks, town hall meetings, seminars, debates, workshops and through public speeches.

Coming up with business remains one of the most challenging aspects of any community. However, before creating one, there has to be a plan in place. My community is one that has diverse population hence ability to support many different businesses. One of the things that I considered when making businesses presentation for my community is the inclusion of questions that are to be asked at critical points. I realized that just making statements during presentation sounded trite and so predictable. The comments make the presentations so dull. However, asking questions breaks the monotony of regular presentation and helps in making the point an important one. Also, by including queries, I ensured that my presentation would not just be in passive form but active form as it gives the audience an opportunity to explore its thoughts.

Given that I was seeking the support of the community, I ensured that organization was a critical aspect of the presentation. I organized my presentation into three critical parts, the introduction, body, and conclusion. Some of the critical aspects of the presentation included the aims, the cost, challenges, and solutions. 

Recovery Plan for Business

I realized that through the creation of the recovery plan for a business, comprehensive, documented and procedural guide is necessary for the recovery plan to be well executed. First, there is the identification of the assets that need to be protected in the business (Sahebjamnia, Torabi & Mansouri, 2015). The most important ones are those that will ensure continuous operations of the company, having a list of assets is critical. The list must be prioritized.

During the recovery plan, I learnt that building an ideal disaster recovery scenario is a must. The process entails having a clear objective of what the recovery scenario involves and it gives the business something to work towards. 

Additionally, there is checking of the disaster recovery solutions (Sahebjamnia, Torabi & Mansouri, 2015). Several recovery solutions exist and they include the basic ones and the complex ones. It is imperative to see which solutions are essential for the business. During the recovery plan, I also drafted a comprehensive plan that contained every other thing that has to be done in case of a disaster. While handling the project, specific roles and duties will be assigned to employees. I learnt that the particular tasks must be those that individuals can act on promptly in case there is a crisis.

Of great importance is the creation of communication awareness plan during recovery (Sahebjamnia, Torabi & Mansouri, 2015).. The process entails how employees will communicate with one another in case of a breach. The nature of communication has to factor in the key stakeholders and parties to be included and notified on time. 

How Business Recovery Process Differ From the Municipal Process 

The first difference is the jurisdiction of the recovery. For the business recovery, the process is restricted or limited to the business environment while for the municipal case, the recovery expands to the municipal context. At the federal or the state level, there is an agency that is in charge of the recovery process, an aspect that is not seen in the business environment. For instance, the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF) helps in offering guidelines on how efficiently the various federal agencies can organize and operate to use the available resources to promote the efficient recovery and support the states (Wallace & Webber, 2017). At this level, it is worth noting that the recovery begins by having a pre-disaster preparedness in place. For business, the pre-disaster phase is often not in existence. The responsibilities of the stakeholders are definite before and after the disaster by a body. Different from the business case, at the federal level, disaster recovery is treated as an ongoing process (Wallace & Webber, 2017).

For the state or local agencies, the resources involved in the recovery process are so much. The resources are many as it is accepted that the scope of their work is also wide. While executing the recovery process, there are core principles in place that guide the process. 

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