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According to Rota, Mrelli, and Immovilli (2017), stroke occurs when there is a limited supply of oxygen into the cells of the brain. Based on the findings of the secondary research that I carried out, stroke is a major cause of millions of deaths across the globe on an annual basis, for example, stroke claimed an estimated 15 million lives across the globe in 2015, and hence, its management is important in the reduction of the number of deaths attributed to it (WHO, 2017). The research process also identified different types of stroke, their causes, symptoms, treatment, and diagnosis as summarized in the diagrammatic notes below. 

Figure 1: Diagrammatic notes 


The results of the research above are reliable and useful in enhancing the effective diagnosis and treatment of stroke. The results of this research are reliable because they are derived from credible and authoritative sources such as the World Health Organization, which is a global organization that deals with health related issues. In this regard, this body can only publish reliable, accurate and verified information. The results are also reliable because they have been derived from peer reviewed journal articles authored by professional with expertise on cardiovascular issues. Besides, the sources used in the research are recently published, and hence contain current information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients.

The results from the research are useful because they provide insight into the causes and symptoms of stroke. Besides highlighting the mortality rate of stoke, the results provide information on the symptoms of stroke, and this is useful for the early detection of this disease. The results are also useful because they highlight the various methods that can be used to establish the type of stroke that a patient is suffering from. Therefore, the results can be used as a guideline to develop an evidence-based treatment plan for effective management of stroke.

Essay plan


Stroke is one the preeminent causes of death across the globe. There are two major categories of stroke due to the different causes, namely, ischemic stroke, which is attributed to the blockage of the blood vessels in the brain and hemorrhagic stroke which is caused by raptured blood vessels (Rota, Mrelli, and Immovilli, 2017).

Thesis statement

Stroke is remained to be the leading killer across the globe due to the widespread lack of sufficient knowledge about its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, especially in under-developed countries. To promote the management of stroke, this paper is going to examine the diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients.

Diagnosis of stroke patients

  1. Physical examination by a medical doctor is a reliable method of diagnosing stroke patients due to its effectiveness in identifying the symptoms of stroke. According to Rota, Mrelli, and Immovilli (2017), physical examination helps a doctor to establish a patient’s history regarding stroke, and this is useful in the designing of an appropriate treatment plan.
  2. Blood test is another effective method of diagnosing stroke patients. Blood test helps doctors to establish a patient’s blood pressure, blood sugar, and how fast a patient’s blood clot.
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging is effective in the detection of damages in brain tissues. The use of radio waves provides a comprehensive view of the brain to help doctors to establish whether a patient is suffering from a hemorrhagic or ischemic stroke.
  4. Computerized tomography scan helps in the identification of tumors, hemorrhages, and other symptoms of stroke through the use of X-rays. 

Treatment of stroke patients

  1. Neuro-rehabilitation is one of the most effective methods of treatment for stroke patients who exhibit the loss of control of balance or difficulty in speaking. It entails the use of various types of therapies, for example, speech or physical therapy.
  2. Brain surgery is another method of treating stroke patients by removing the brain tumors and other damaged tissues in the brain. The method also helps in the removal of blood clots and repair the damaged blood vessels.
  3. Intra-cranial treatment can also be used to enhance the flow of blood to the brain through the use of a catheter which is passed through the blood vessels of the body to eliminate blood clots.


The early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of stroke patients helps in the reduction of deaths caused by stroke.

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