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Subject: Health Care
Type: Analytical Essay
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Topics: Nursing, Medicine, Public Health

It is paramount for nurses, caregivers, and families of the patient especially children know how tracheostomy works and functions. This capstone project is essential as it will lay a strong foundation of knowledge which will enable efficient providence of quality care to the patient. The availability of videos both internally and externally through YouTube will facilitate easy accessibility of information reduction the cases of readmissions. Learning and understanding how tracheostomy works and they best way to care for it are essential measures which will improve patient safety (Zhu, Das, Woodhouse, and Kubba, 2014). With one member of the family knowledge, he/she will assist in tracheostomy. The family member will be educated on the appropriate technique to use while at home. Firm knowledge of sterilization method will immensely prevent the cases of infections. 

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The sharing experience of the treatment is the best method as it provides patient to reflect on the recovery journey and provide insight on some of the drawbacks which may be encountered.As tracheostomy is socially stigmatized educating the patient and their families can reduce the intimidation which always faces them (Yelverton, Nguyen, Wan, Kenerson, and Schuman, 2014). Starting education early is mostly preferred as in the time of discharge patient will have the adequate information necessary in their care at home. Not only is hygiene important but also education on replacement of suction catheters and the obturator is integral.   The ability to recognize danger signal will assist in early detection of complication in instances where it might arise (Zhu, Das, Woodhouse, and Kubba, 2014). Caring for an infant with a tracheostomy can be challenging to both professions and family member hence through this capstone project a good avenue of educating families and new nurses will be provided. 

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