Rev. Carl Bean’s public speaking abilities

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When it comes to public speaking, I think Rev. Carl Bean has a blessing from God. When he speaks or writes about the word of God, one is moved by his unique interpersonal communication style. I will use his speech, “After the Blood” (2014), which is among his convocation at Unity Fellowship Church ( I will evaluate the communication style in the video that makes Carl Bean stand out as a charismatic leader and a public speaker. Barrett (2015) affirms that the importance of leaders being good public speakers manifested through simplicity, relevance, and interpersonal communication styles.

Rev. Bean opens the convocation with a puzzle by asking his followers to look at why they become mad at something (0.06-0.09). Cleverly, Bean grabs the crowd’s attention by opening his speech with the most common imagery that everyone can relate to – getting mad at something. I have experienced it many times and I would be interested in how Bean uses it to explain his point if I were part of that crowd. He temporarily solves the puzzle by saying that when people get mad at something, that is what the presence of God is for (0.14-015). His main point is that when we are mad, blood moves fast through our veins (anger) and we need God to help us overcome it. However, one needs to get over it and move on in a perfect way to maintain peace and love. Furthermore, he elaborates his point by saying that when he used to be naïve and disturbed about his sexual orientation, God guided him through the manifestation of the principles human beings should obey: honesty, integrity, being ethical, righteousness, and morals. Bean affirms that all the principles need to be consistent in you. In short, Bean was encouraging his followers to appreciate themselves and be honest about who they are without getting mad and practicing what they believe inconsistently. I am amazed at how he uses the negative social aspect – getting mad – to drive the point home: be righteous, honest, and ethical by getting over yourself.

He balances the view of the crowd around him always shifting points of view from one side to another. His face is filled with a kind of mixed smile and seriousness – the kind of humorous look – that makes him grab the attention of the listeners. At one point or another, he uses his hands to engage the crowd in his conversation. I must admit that his body language makes him fascinating and enjoyable to listen to his words. His booming voice is express the confidence, commitment, and happiness with which he values his work. In the video, charged listeners encourage Bean to “speak it” through proclamations such as “come on”, which is a rare scene when listeners feel bored. When listeners occasionally participate in one’s speech, it implies the message is sinking in them. In other words, he makes it difficult for people to ignore him whenever he speaks and that makes him a smart public speaker.

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