Review: Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Perspective

Subject: Political
Type: Synthesis Essay
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Word count: 527
Topics: Immigration, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics

La Chulla Vida Gender migration and the Family in Andean Ecuador & New York City is a retrospective yet informative book written by Pribilsky. It gives an account of the experience of Ecuadorians. There is overt racial profiling of the Ecuadorians where stereotypical names are used to refer to them several names. The author has used the racial aspect in creating a theme that fits well in the narrative. Example racial profiling words include metizon and Blanco which to imply hybrid and pure-bred Spanish origin. From the narration point of view, the author is utilizing the firsthand observation with regard to racial profiling, migration and transnational labor in USA. Basing on the migration of characters like Antonio to the United State of America, it arguable that there is both macroeconomic and microeconomic implication that is involved

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From author point of view, it can be seen that the racial profiling and hostility acted as the push factors that caused migration. Migrating to the United State of America was the solution to the problem they experienced back at home since it seems the USA had more opportunities.  This is seen when the author says that, “at Jutandeleg, the cost of life started to rise” coupled with rife racism which acted as the push factors. From economy point of view, it can be seen that migration can be initiated by cost of living and the favorability of people in an environment. In this case, racism creates a hostile environment for people to engage in economic activity. 

In the USA, the emigrants met a new set population. They also worked with people with different social and cultural upbringing. The most interesting aspect is the place that they left for better life in the USA but still, the life was difficult. This can be attributed to the increased competition in the job market. Back at home, moving away from the Andes exposed it to more shortage of labor, draining away of the skills while supplying New York with labor. This makes the development to be experienced in the USA while the Andes continue to be deprived of labor. 

More so, it is important to realize that there is cultural diffusion in a transnational labor. The cultural aspect of Antonio among other immigrants in the United State is likely to be inferior. This may suppressed the original behavior such as financial discipline. Such is the effect that is seen on the immigrants in a transnational labor. The author has shown this aspect when Antonio adopted a culture of consumption, spending and saving as their fellow transnationals. 

The other aspect of macroeconomic is the transcontinental displacement. It creates social constrain in families and communities upon migration of some members. The conflict stem out of the difficulty in balancing the long distant relationship and focusing on the labor itself.  This an aspect might make the production to slow down. More so, those that remained behind especially women, tend to take roles that are not theirs in which the author has termed as hypermasculine behavior. As for those that migrate, they may end up feminizing their behavior too. This because of break in the family order.

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  1. Pribilsky, J. (2007). La chulla Vida: Gender, migration, and the family in Andean Ecuador and New York City. Syracuse, N.Y: Syracuse University Press.


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