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It’s always said that cellphones is the air that we breathe. This has made people go far and wide in acquiring better models that would speak volumes on their behalves. This is the reason why I chose Samsung cellphones.  Assuming that the phone would immediately become a darling of the market would be a pipe dream. Because as it stands there already established brands and this is perhaps the biggest threat to its survival. Therefore for it to survive there are several things I will have to take into account, and some of the things are environmental factors.

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Environmental factors

A consumer is one of the most important aspects of any market as all the market factors revolve around the consumer (East et al., 2016). Being that the consumer affects everything including demand and supply curve the customer behavior must be taken into consideration at every turn if the phone is to be on their list of items at the end of the day.

Now culture us a very vital aspect when considering if this phone will sell. The culture that is of importance is a culture that has profoundly taken communication and comfort to a new level.  Samsung’s cellphones are the answer to that need. People are communicating every day, and as such, they need efficient phones sneakers to make calls and engage with in their social spheres and Samsung’s is an answer they may want to consider.

Social class is one other factor that is very important here. In the society indeed, everyone belongs to a particular class. Our product has therefore introduced numerous versions from Samsung premier, to Samsung advanced that not only differ in quality but also differ in price, so that clients can pick that which they feel represents their class (East et al., 2016). The product has widened its scope of being user-friendly to all such that everyone feels their efficiency in using them.

Consumer factors

It will be imperative to examine the role of social factors as we attempt to market our products. Here what should come to mind is the question of reference groups. Reference groups are known to do an outstanding job influencing people to buy. These groups do have their leaders, like a merry go round or golf club, training partners among others (Schiffman et al., 2013). If the Shmeds brand is to be worn, then we will need the reference groups to in way endorse our products only this time around they will be doing it within their social circles by recommending to their friends or families our products. This will help in getting people to know the products.

Personal factors are also as important as any other factor. They tend to in a very intimate way influence the customer behavior. Then in this set, the financial situation of a potential customer should be our center of appeal. Our cellphones are perhaps one of the cheapest on this side of Atlantic, which is if one is to compare them with our competitors. This can be a solid point in appealing to customers, that you can get better for far much less. The reason is that it takes into account not only blue-collar workers but the lower middle and the middle class.

Consumer Involvement in decision making

Consumer involvement is one factor that can be insinuated as a motivating factor in what can induce the customer into buying what we have to offer. This is what makes the customer get to analyze and check the choice of the product he or she has taken. Involvement here is taken to be the product of time someone takes and effort that the person takes and the price that is attached to the goods. One thing that cannot be forgotten is that it also involves possible benefits one would get if he or she bought that product.

Purchase importance is one aspect of consumer involvement that would be worth noting. This is mostly to what extent the customer gets attached to the purchase that he or she has made. Our product offers a wide range of variety, which is good, is not only efficient but is durable and of a very high quality and all these attributes come at a very friendly price (Schiffman et al., 2013). This will help in ensuring that there is an absolute degree of importance that is attached to the purchase of this product. And it’s primarily because price and quality are close to inseparable in business.

Age life cycle is equally an important factor here. And this is because older generation prefers comfort than any other things, while the young would prefer something that makes him stand out. This has been one of the most important considerations, and as such we have not only prioritized comfort we have also made our products such that they stand out to appeal to all.

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Consumer decision making steps

All the critical steps that are important in consumer decision making are taken into account in this situation. One of the steps that have at this moment taken into account is the fact that there exists a problem. The problem is that with this market the kind of cellphones that is available are either expensive or not efficient or in some instance are both (Armstrong et al., 2015). Samsung aims to provide a solution here, and this means the offers they are giving are very cheap compared to competitors. And the products are not only appealing but also durable, and this will ensure one feels that is indeed value for their money.

Because of the existence of a problem, people will be looking for solutions. And this is where information search comes in. Our company has therefore established a brand that has pushed the boundaries in showing itself as a leading figure in this business. Endless adverts have consistently done this. Similarly, we have gone into communities to try and involve them in some of the issues that plague them as well as offer people scholarships all while promoting our products.

The other very important step in this cycle is the evaluation of alternatives. Our company has therefore kept up to date information on our sites. This has consistently allowed customers to make a check on our products and then compare them with others to see for themselves that indeed our products are genuine alternatives to what is being offered by our competitors. As such it has created a good rapport with our target customers and us.

Another important step in this cycle of steps is the purchase decision. This is what will help in making our customers that this is the ultimate product and apparently what he has been looking for all her life. In this regards, the best practice would be to give further information, and this will give the customer not only assurance but also the reason why he should buy the products and be contented with the results our product will provide or her. This is an essential step to us.

The purchase is that step that everyone has been waiting for. This means that the customer will have been induced enough to buy the product. This cannot be the final step, and therefore the company knows that marketing will be as needed as before (Armstrong, 2015). This means as a company we will evaluate many other more accessible means that could have been used to get the customer our product, and this is because that customer is needed to come back and even refer others too.

The last and very crucial step here is the post-evaluation analysis. This is important to ensure loyalty and satisfaction of the customer. Therefore the best approach here is to create an environment that makes the customer know how profoundly he has been appreciated. This will make the customer heavily consider returning.

Psychographics would be a very important element to take note of in the market segment. Everyday life shows that age will always influence the lifestyle choice that a particular person lives or decides to take. Our products are therefore set to cut across the age from the young to the old. This will be done by making sure that what appeals to the specific target market is catered for (Schiffman et al., 2013). Still talking about psychographics would mean that we look into certain attitude and the values. Therefore our pricing strategy will have to make better options at a very friendly price. We have also taken note that feedback will help in a very big way in building our brand and therefore has seriously taken these issues into account.

Geographic location has also turned out to be something of very importance. Knowing that there are more people in the urban areas that they are in rural areas, we have therefore targeted more people in the urban areas. Especially the young who are mostly in urban areas will need phones with high speed internet and camera, and as such, they will be our key target in the metropolitan area. Other factors will be like weather which means that will influence things like how waterproof or what degree of heat can the phone withstand and materials that will be used to make our products.

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Target Market

One of the segments centering of psychographics translates on the fact lifestyles and fashion sense has led to people having a variety of tastes on what they wear, how they want to appear and the kind of phone they want to be seen with. Therefore the target is “online Samsung.” because there is so much online activity when it comes to orders of our products. This is because they love the products but then are not so enthusiastic about going to a store to order them and have switched to placing online orders and calling for home delivery. For this, our company has sought to answer their calls and has adjusted our systems for efficient and quick delivery.

Target Market Strategy

Our company has noted with the coming of the internet there have been changes from what we would refer to as physical market to online market. The shoppers here are most of the time influenced by the brand and what it brings to the market (Slack, 2015). For this reason, we have taken an initiative of staying visible and this we are doing by making constant updates to our products and the prices. We have also taken steps of giving them a platform to engage with us and give us their feedback so that we can always aim at improving service delivery to all our customers and answer their grievances. And it may true that this industry is extraordinarily saturated but that may not be the case with this online market, as there are is a lot of space, and therefore we intend to exploit this pace and grow with it.

To oust market veterans like Nokia would be very hard unless our products can come up with a better and come back for the products especially when it comes to durability and efficiency. This is because building a brand will be on the ability of the product to not just attract customers but make those customers like our products and subsequently comeback for more bringing along others.

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