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Subject: Law
Type: Evaluation Essay
Pages: 2
Word count: 544
Topics: Criminal Justice, Crime

Domestic terrorism is an act of unlawful use of violence especially to the civilians occurring inside a particular country. This means that foreign or international countries do not participate in these acts. The residence living in that particular country are the once to be blamed incase violence occurs. However, these acts of domestic terrorism have various components in which each country has set forth. Domestic terrorist is considered unlawful if it appears to be intentional. There are those who engage themselves in violence intentionally without having a thought of consequences that would follow thereafter. Violation such as scaring civilians, influencing government policy by menace and causing inefficiency to the government with issues like assassination are acts that are believed to have taken place intentionally (Miller 2012).  Danger to human life is also another act of domestic terrorism where the civilians feel that their life is threatened by a particular group of people or an individual. Above all, an act of domestic terrorism should occur within the territory of the country but not within a different country.

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 A Community is at a high risk for such violence because it creates a very bad image to other communities and would by all means possible try and avoids that community which engages in violence. The people from that particular community would not be at peace and comfortable in doing their daily businesses since they are scared and terrified. More so, young people growing in such community are more likely to adopt such acts whereby they have been there all through so they know what normally happen there. More women are also at a very high risk of rape and killing. Such community can never develop because of a bad reputation (Levinson & Granot 2002). I would therefore work together with other community members and strictly enforce policies against weapons, have a conflicts management courses and encourage them to negotiate more and fight less. Identifying local condition and needs of people within the community would be my first priority.  Prevention of domestic terrorism through environmental designs can sometimes be very helpful to curb violence. When a certain area is known to have taken those preventive measures, people tend to avoid it completely. There is that perspectives that they are likely to be caught hence suffer harsh sentences. Such gadgets are very efficient and effective in monitoring security in public and private places. They are capable of detecting any criminal activity planned by wrong doers all the time. Therefore, heightened security measures help in enforcing law to whoever is threatened.

A young man from Isla Vista community killed six people and wounded some on May 23, 2014. He had planned that attack for more than a year where he also spent a lot of dollars so that he may be trained to kill as many people as possible. Such incidences can be avoided in future in that people who were training him could have at least gathered more information about that man and try to help him where necessary. If his family was very keen, they could realize that all was not okay. Approaching such individual and trying to solve the problem could be the best approach. It was so unfortunate that he killed himself as well.2

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