Servers Descriptive Essay

Subject: Technology
Type: Descriptive Essay
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Topics: Data Analysis, Computer Science, Cyber Security

Client-server networks are relatively stable network architectures compared to others. There are many types of client-server networks but all of them have a number of common characteristics. For instance, all have security databases that are centralized that take control of the resources shared on the various servers. PERL can be of great benefit to BIG Data centers in terms of managing their servers. PERL is considered to be very powerful programming text that can hold the internet together and due to its multipurpose nature it can be used powerfully in client-server networks to manage networks. Perl makes the process of network programming easy through providing in-built functions that can help in creation of high-level client-server networks. Moreover, PERL improves parallelism in networks and thus can increase the efficiency and speed at which resources are distributed and shared among the network servers and clients.

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The primary downside of client-server network is that the crash of one server my cause a number of clients not to function. Therefore they require professionals with a great knowledge to manage them. The failure of server is majorly attributed to its failure manage a big number of client requests. PERL can be used to solve this by creating parallelism a technology that will reduce request congestion  or occurrence of deadlocks. For instance, in windows server, the language can be significant in ensuring processes run in a parallel manner to increase throughput and reduce the chances of server crashing. Therefore the CIO Big data Centers can choose PERL as the best programming language to minimize the disasters caused by regular server crashes in the company.

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