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Determining customers’ running shoes needs

There is no doubt that customers know what they need in any form of a product. We, therefore, believe that our customers have the most accurate information regarding what they need from our running shoes. Our company appreciates that customers need running shoes that are produced in a way that meets all their needs and thus meets their ultimate satisfaction. It is for this reason that our company has decided to carry out a survey to determine what exactly our customers would want to see in the running shoes produced by our company. Such information needs will enable the producing company to retain the current customers, as well as be able to convert the potential customers to real customers. We request customers to respond to the various questions regarding the areas that need to be modified, maintained or even enhanced during the production stage.

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Questions intended to determine customers’ needs

1. What are the areas or parts of the running shoe that you have previously been satisfied with and thus you would have them maintained as they are?

Under this question, the customer is requested to provide information on the various aspects that could have created satisfaction in the past (Kaser & Oelkers 2015). This question requires the customer to provide the exact areas of satisfaction that would need to be retained as they are during the production.

2. Which areas of the running shoe would you like to have them modified, probably because you were unsatisfied with them in the past?

Under this question, the customer is requested to mention the areas that he was unsatisfied with in the past (GalbRaith 2014). He is requested to point out the actual problem that occurred from the use of the shoe to enhance a modification into the future.

3. Which areas would you like to be enhanced, probably because they were moderate in the satisfaction but you feel that there is room for improvement?

Under this question, the customer is required to mention some of the areas that provided a medium level of satisfaction (Kaser & Oelkers 2015). He should elaborate on what he thinks should be done to intensify and increase the satisfaction going forward.

4. What other types of running shoes do you think are better than ours and why do you think so?

Under this question, the customer is requested to mention any competitor running shoe that he feels does well in offering satisfaction more than our company’s shoes (GalbRaith 2014). The customer is also needed to state in what areas the other shoe is better, to enhance possible benchmarking.

5. Do you feel that there are features missing from our running shoes and thus reducing your level of satisfaction?

In this case, the customer is requested to state if there exist missing parts regarding the look of the shoe. This information would assist the production department to include such aspects during the production in future and thus make a step in meeting customers’ satisfaction.


As always, the customer is the king and represents the success or failure of the organization. Thus, there is no way out other than enhancing the ultimate satisfaction of all customers. By providing the above information, the production department will be able to determine the areas that customers are happy with and the areas they are unhappy with, as well as the areas that customers feel a need to be modified. The information is thus crucial in enhancing customer satisfaction and thus loyalty in the long run. Customer loyalty means business for the company in the long term.

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