Should Cannabis be Legal?

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Topics: Marijuana Legalization, Health, Medicine, Social Issues

Reforms supporting the use of marijuana are made every day. Some alliances believe that cannabis should be legalized while others believe that it will be a mistake to legalize it. This essay will argue factors as to why cannabis is to be legalized, and at the same times, reasons for banning its use. Law enforcer ought to deal with hard drug dealers who do real harm, not to spend time and resources chasing the hapless marijuana smokers. Legalizing cannabis would take out the hands of criminal gangs. This in turn will reduce the vile influence they have in both the cannabis importing countries as the cannabis producing zones. The law enforcers should instead set laws regulating the use of cannabis to ensure safety and quality, since selling it on streets when it’s illegal could pose dangers to users who could use drugs mixed with dangerous substances; simply because it’s done without any regulation or a governing law ( Rehm & Fischer, 2015).

Making cannabis illegal is violating each individual’s right to decide what to do and when. It’s upon each individual to decide whether to use Cannabis or not.  The government should not restrict grownups on the usage of cannabis since it has harmless pleasure. Also only the user faces the resulting risks. Also, considering other drugs like tobacco, cannabis is less harmful and thus banning it is pure hypocrisy. It also has health benefits like treating multiple sclerosis, thus there are no health grounds to keep it banned. There are also no proofs that marijuana causes physiological addiction. Cannabis is expensive. It’s estimated that legalizing it would make the United States about eighteen billion dollars every year. This gain will come after imposing tax on cannabis sales. For example, Colorado made more than five million after legalizing retail sales of marijuana. Legalizing cannabis could help positively on the economies of the countries producing it. Another example is a country like Jamaica which recently made a deal to supply Colorado with medicinal cannabis. The deal was worth a hundred million dollars ( Kleiman, 2015).

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On the other hand, legalizing cannabis could bring about a lot of problems. The use marijuana, for example leads, to use of hard drugs. In 1960, the stuff puffed by hippies had around one percent of tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for side effects of marijuana. Today’s levels of tetrahydrocannabinol have reached thirty percent. Despite having some medicinal importance, cannabis is not good for smoking or munching. ‘Dope’ is bad for the ones brain and makes one stupid. It also harmful to one’s lungs, heart and is risky to do anything like operating any machine after using it. Usage of Pot makes one develop   health and mental problems which leads to depression. Legalizing cannabis will motivate drug gangs into more usage and more addiction. The use of marijuana is associated with social problems like prostitution and hard drug use. Researches show that pot smokers are more likely to commit violent crimes than non users. I would not advocate for the usage of cannabis due to its addictive nature. Studies shows that at least one person in ten develop dependence over time. Irritation and anxiety are the symptoms associated with withdrawal of cannabis usage. Making it legal will make a lot of people to use it and more people will be addicted.

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