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The company of choice in this study is Oracle, a renowned American technology international corporation with its headquarters in Redwood shores California. Oracle specializes in the development and the eventual marketing of cloud engineering, database software and technology and enterprise software products (Despa, 2015). Generally, it owns several brands of database management systems. In 2015, oracle was ranked the second largest software maker in terms of revenue after Microsoft (Despa, 2015).

There are five software development phases altogether. Each of the phases is distinct and useful if the developer has to come up with a complete item.

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First is the requirement analysis stage. The aim of this stage is to gather adequate information on the company specific needs requirements. It gives the specifications to be followed in the entire development process (Despa, 2015). In oracle, the various stakeholders interested in the software are involved to give any helpful information they have. Some key factors looked into at this stage include the consumers of the software so developed, how they will be using it, the kind of input required and the expected output as well among others (Al-Tarawneh, Abdullah, & Alostad, 2013).

Next is the design phase. The system and the design of the software is laid down as per the specifications given in the first phase. This stage involves specifying the hardware requirements and the systems requirements as well as gauging the overall architecture of the system (Al-Tarawneh, Abdullah, & Alostad, 2013).

The third phase is the implementation (coding) stage. The implementation stage relies on the drafts of the design phase (Despa, 2015). The work is divided in units/ sections and the actual coding started. The key factor looked into is the code so developed by the end of this phase and it is the longest of the software development cycle phases (Despa, 2015).

The fourth stage is the testing phase which gauges whether the item actually solves the problem at hand for the company. This involves functional tests like unit testing, system testing, integration testing, acceptance testing as well as other non-functional tests (Al-Tarawneh, Abdullah, & Alostad, 2013).

The next stage is the deployment which is basically taking/delivering the product to the customer. The developer and the customer run tests of the site together. In case of bugs or problems, the necessary changes are made and the final deployment is done.

Finally is the maintenance stage which involves taking care of the upcoming problems from the software during the actual usage.

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