Strength and Weakness of NEMI Teas

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NEMI has an extensive portfolio of products. The company has healthy and tasty different flavors of tea available in teabags. Besides, the company produces products with anti-oxidant properties. The company has Earl grey blends, traditional English breakfast blend and unique Indian tea flavors such as cardamom and spicy chai (NEMI, 2017). Additionally, they also offer biodegradable tea from their various tea blends. Offering these products assists the company in maintaining a high customer loyalty. Evidently, customers tend to remain loyal in a firm that diligently provides clean, consistent and quality products.

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The company has strong CSR reputation considering that it works closely with refugees. NEMI employs refugees to help them get easily integrated in the United Kingdom and its culture (NEMI, 2017). In this case, it is projected that the number of markets which are run by refugees will escalate from 47 in 2016/17 up to 84 in 2018\19. Currently, 18 refugees are employed to tea stalls and part of the business functions. Immigrants get fewer chances when it comes to employment opportunities in London. Likewise, the company has also partnered with migrants resource center, refugee council and transitions London to better the lives of immigrants. 

The company has existing brand awareness programmes which will assist in their quest to open the market across London. Notably, they sponsor community events. The company champions and participates in functions that are beneficial and integral to the community. Significantly, the company has a strong presence in social media streams. NEMI management (2017) confirms that the company uses its strong social media presence to engage, market, and inform their customers of new products, prices or activities of the company.

Comparatively, the company has a vast market across London. NEMI participates in all festivals either small, medium or big. Some of the festivals that the company has been involved in festivals which include, nomad cinemas and shuffle festival. It also participates in some markets which comprise, the Venn street market, lower marsh Saturday markets and the Camden market. The organization sells their products to other companies in retail and wholesale. 


The company is not keenly focused on their website or online shopping. NEMI website does not showcase the available products for sale. Even though the site has a shopping section, the shopping process is not natural as it requires registration and verifications (NEMI, 2017). Another problem is that all the 125 gms of all tea types are out of stock. When a shopping process on a company’s website is more straightforward to make orders, customers tend to make a lot of requests from the site (Euromonitor International, 2017). The company should cooperate a section on their website where all the available products and their services are available.

The company is not very versatile; it has only stuck to one form of business which is processing and selling tea products. Even though the company is centered on tea of sale products, it should partner with other different groups to come up with an innovative product that will drive up the profits. (Social Enterprise UK, 2017). The company should open doors for other small businesses to incorporation into its system. For example, the company can incorporate a little startup tea company to increase its innovation in tea spices.  

Presence of tight quality control measures which increases the price of the product of which it sometimes the relationship with distributors. The step includes having a top quality assurance system with experienced staff who will continuously be checking at each stage of production (Social Enterprise UK, 2017). The final measure includes quality approval by the local authority at a fee for the product to be released to consumers. The steps make price rise which makes distributors run to competitors who are offering cheap products.

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NEMI should strive in increasing and improving on its strengths. Also, the company should also focus on changing the weaknesses into becoming strengths. Equally important, the improvement on weaknesses will increase in market size and profits.

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